Friday, 21 April 2017

Spring Style Inspiration

I don't know about you but I am very excited to say goodbye to my winter wardrobe for a little while and to start bringing out my Spring/Summer wardrobe which I adore. Of course as ever year passes you keep adding to your collection and sometimes clothing can start to look tired and then you end up buying something else just to replace it. I have a few dresses which I love wearing in the Summer on holiday which I got in the Topshop sale about 3 years ago now but still look great! I suppose this year I will have to try them on again and see whether they will stay in my wardrobe and or end up in a charity bag. The week before last York was hit by some gorgeous sunshine which got me so looking forward to the months ahead and how lovely it is to be outside in warm sunshine. Oh how it is wonderful. Unfortuntely that was not the case last weekend and it was rather chilly but I am hoping and praying that this weekend will be slightly different.. oh I hope! Just like the majority of us we love being in the sunshine because it makes us happy and it is a fabulous feeling when you can eventually start wearing sandals! Although that has not come round to us yet.. perhaps a bit too early I mean its on the beginning of Spring. 

My style does not really change however I find these warmer months are the perfect time to start wearing more florial pieces and bright colours which I love. You could say it is my time to shine.  As we are only in April I wanted to share with you a few different kind of outfits I have been loving so far and reaching for them whilst the sun has been out. 

This outfit I really do adore and I have mentioned about this pinafore dress so if you want to check that post make sure you search 'Dusty Pink Pinafore and Smash Box Treats' on my blog where I talked about the outfit in lots more detail. It really is one of my favourite Spring outfits I have purchased this year. It also goes well with one of my favourite blouses I got from Zara last year.

This outfit is also featured on a previous post and you may have seen this on my Instagram or Twitter if you follow me on there. I love MOM jeans so much and when I came across these ones they fitted great and they almost reminded me of a vintage levi jean which I love and would be amazing to own a pair. That is defintely on my wish list but for now these £40 MOM jeans do the job and from Topshop you cannot go wrong. I was after a floral pair but they did not have my size at the time, anway for now these are great.

Lottie x


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