Sunday, 28 May 2017

Key Pieces For Your Summer Wardrobe Whatever The Weather

'Hey summer do you fancy staying around a little bit please?' I keep saying this BUT I know for a fact that really is not going to happen! How can it possibly be you might say, well its the british weather unfortunately. As you are problem wondering you have to enjoy the glorious sunshine as and when you can. So on this occassion it was that time to start unleashing the summer wardrobe of mine. Now this dress is simple but I love it and it is perfect with black sandals - actually the ones I have are two years old from Next with some jewells on the front but to be honest its one of those dresses that would go with any colour sandal. I only paired it up with black sandals because I wore my leather jacket with it as I wasn't sure if I would need it or not. It was only from Marks and Spencers but it was defintely worth buying, I love it and perfect for the summer! 

Now the next outfit was taken on the same day as this other one and only because I had to change as the weather started to get chilly so I popped this lovely shirt on which you guys would have defintely seen before. This shirt is from Zara and if you have been following on Instagram then you would have seen me wear this shirt a lot. It is the perfect shirt for Spring and even when the sun isn't so hot in the Summer and something I had to feature again on my blog. The best thing about this kind of weather is being able to wear my bright pink lipsticks and this one is called Chatterbox by Mac Cosemetics, This one isn't everyone's cup of tea as it is a barbie pink colour however when the sun is out how can you go wrong? 

Last up is something which I am absolutely in LOVE with and if you have been following my blog and Instagram for a while now you will know how much I love a 1960s band.. The Rolling Stones? Yes I do love them but no not as much as.. The Beatles! So, when my sister showed me a Beatles t shirt in Mango a couple of weeks I had to try it on and buy it! It is perfect to took into high wasted jeans or ever colourful cropped trousers. 

Yesterday I went for the casual look so my MOM jeans looked great with my Beatles tshirt and one of my chockers I recently bought from Primark. You cannot go wrong with four chockers for just £4 they are so pretty and look great with anything. However the other week I went to Berlin I went for the more dressy going out vibe and let me tell you the tshirt looked fabulous with my cropped trousers,, a true vintage feel I must say. Here is the proof... see I told you didn't I? 

Lottie x


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