Thursday, 18 May 2017

Step By Step

When I started this blog I had no idea how much I would generally love it and it something that has grown a lot in the two years. I am not bothered about making money from it, it has just been about a hobby that is completely different to my life and something that I created on my own. It is my little place of joy where I can just be me and share my love of Vintage, Fashion and Lifestyle with you. I also feel blessed and very grateful that so many of you read Lottie's Lott and still love it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! As some of you will know my blog slightly changed a little bit and lately I have been overwhelmend on what kind of things to posts particuarly with Old Hollywood recently. I feel like the things I have done in the past I do not want to repeat and I want to make it interesting for you all. Step by step I will get there, I do not know why I feel like this, I mean I love Old Hollywood so so much but I feel like once I get back in to it everything is going to be fine. I have a few ideas and I am hoping to start working on them very soon. In the next few weeks things will be changing in my life as I will be starting my new job and I will be starting something new and exciting in my life however because I will be working full time the only time I will get to blog will be at the weekends however that will be the prefect time to blog and to be honest I quite often do that now anyway. Somethings on a night I will open my laptop and start typing away if I have something that I want to write about then I will do it or if an idea pops into my head then BANG!

I recently have been loving Pinterest and Tumblr recently and I find it so relaxing scrolling through on a night after work or even on a weekend. I like to try and find ones that I have not seen before because its always annoying when you realise you have posted before but sometimes you just cannot help it. It really is great how much inspiration I get from looking through Tumblr and Pinterest - it s such a fabulous thing.

Lottie x


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