Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Reflecting on July

How is it July already.. this year is going way too fast! I cannot honestly believe it. So this month has ups and down's. I am not going into detail exactly as it is personal and I do not want to mention it on social media and my blog. However, hopefully things will be getting better once again.

This post will be a lot shorter than how I original had planned it but sometimes thats how things go and you have be prepared to change things. The blog will be be updated a lot more regularly and I have already quite a few diferent posts ready for you all which I am sure you will love. The other day I was invited to download an app call slack - it was to do with a blogger site, a bit like blog lovin' where you can share your posts and connect with diferent bloggers however this was so much more complicated and decided to delete the account. It seemed to have great reviews which was attracted me to it and the app was free of course but when I had a look in to it I was not keen and decided just to stick with blog lovin'. I honestly believe blog lovin' is the best thing to get when you are a new blogger. It is the greatest thing ever and everyone recomends it. It is the best way to keep up to date on your favourite bloggers and see what they are posting and works great for you when you post blog posts. It is 100% worth getting the app! 

I have just been to see Dunkirk and my gosh it was amazing! I was speechless, it was the best movie I have ever seen! You must go and see it.

Hope you have had a good month and feel free to leave comments below as to what postitive quotes you love?

Lottie x


Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Fashion Love Affair

I do not know how many times I am drawn to this t shirt I just love it and you know what I have been going on about it for a long time (well since I bought it) but as you may know by now or perhaps have realised how much I love The Beatles. I honestly feel like its become a staple to my current wardrobe at the moment and as soon as the darker nights start drawing in and the chilly mornings arise I will miss wearing this t shirt rather a lot. I suppose you could get away with it during the Auturmn months but to be quite frank with you I will be starting to wear cute little jumpers and shirts again. It is the most loveliest t shirt I have worn apart from my BOWIE one I swear its like a love affair. Its like an old discovery and oh my dear I love it. Yes it can be a simple look but I love simple looks sometimes, they still can look super cool and still make you feel fabulous. So this t shirt was from Mango and it has to be one of my favourite purchases of my adult life so far. It has to be the perfect combination with MOM jeans or even high waisted and of course the added extra chocker. I love the peachy, pretty chockers. I am not the greatest fan of the black ones, I would rather pick up a peachy pink than all black. 

Now the next little number has to be my all time favourite bomber jacket which I bought last year from Zara and it is my absolute favourite jacket to wear when its chilly and even when its Summer and the weather isn't hot. I would call it the casual Saturday vibe but yes I love it so much.

The greatest thing I love about well is the colour and how I love the zip effect on the sleeves. I actually wore my BOWIE t shirt but I did not take a little snap of this (I do apologise of course) and please forgive me but I love this kind of weather when yes its supposed to be summer but the weather is not great and you can get away with these kind of jackets or a leather jacket and then to brighten the outfit up a bit add one of your bright summery pink lipsticks by MAC. Now that is what I am talking about!!

Lottie x


Lets Talk About Imagine The Vinyl By John Lennon

So today It was a happy vinyl day for myself and with it being the first vinyl of 2016 of course I had to buy 'Imagine' by John Lennon. I had previously seen the vinyl in HMV (yes that is why I buy all of my records) in December last year and I could not buy it purely because Christmas was coming up and I was not going to buy anything like that until I got paid in January. It is nearly my birthday and even though I should of waited I did not. 

1. I have not been paid yet.
2. I love buying vinyls.
3. I just can't help myself.

I will see I did have enough money to last time till the end of the month so it was absolutely fine.
After being in this week I had narrowed it down to two, Imagine and Rubber Soul which is by The Beatles. I still have not finished collecting them all yet, but when I saw there were two Rubber Soul records and one Imagine I thought 'that is it, I must have Imagine! That was that, my mind was made up and I went away with it. 

I only new two songs on the record, I bet you can guess which ones? Imagine of course and Jealous Guy. They are two of my favourite John Lennon songs. I listened to the first side about 4 times, over and over again. That is what I loved about listening to CD's you could follow the words and just keep playing that side over and over until you lost the world to live. Now I do the same with my vinyls, 
even when I just play one of my mums old LP's. Before I got my record player I played the same songs all the time on my iPhone, actually I tell a lie, I still do!

It is that kind of vinyl you can play all the time and you will not get bored, I mean how can you not get bored of John Lennon's voice. Gosh he is amazing. Defintely was 100% worth it and I am so pleased to finally have that as part of my vinyl collection. Happy Charlotte! 

Please don't forget to check me out on blog lovin, it is probably the best place to catch up with my posts! 

Lottie x


Imagine you were... John Lennon


You had a vintage car.

You were John Lennon.

You had an iMac.

Today's post really is a chatty one. I guess it came about the other day and Its been in the back of my mind for a while but I thought 'its okay, It will go away' and it really has not. To be honest, it did not matter to me because I was loving my 'happy place' and people seemed to be loving it too. Why am I rambling on about nothing? Yes that is probably what your thinking.

I was going to stop using blogger. No I was not going to stop blogging but I was going to get Wordpress, well I actually did. I was in the process of setting my account up and then I thought I'm going to have start all over again. I've put so much effort and time with my posts and I did not want to have to try and re write them again. I just wanted a new design for my blog, when I created 'Lottie's Lott' I was searching on blogger for the perfect blog design, I wish there was better ones but people create there own if they are lucky enough to do it for a living. I managed to find one that I thought was right for my blog and I still love it and always will. I guess I just wanted something a little more 'ooh la la' and it grabs peoples attention.

I'd prefer my blog to be like a proper website name  such as now that would be good. Its a dream that I have and I would love to get there. One day! You never know what could happen I guess, but those sort of things don't seem to happen to me. If you go from just being a YouTuber to a blogger of course you have the money, the time and people to help you design something that people are going to love. People like that have more of an advantage and to people like myself who just started from scratch. I also think that beauty and fashion bloggers have more of an advantage and nowadays there are so many! I have a huge passion for different types of bloggers like vintage, travel, food etc. Do not get me wrong I love fashion and beauty bloggers, you can't beat Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr and Louise Pentland I believe without those girls blogging in general would not be where it is today.

I will be back soon with a Vintage post which I know you will love!

Lottie x


My Week In Photos

Welcome back guys! It has been over a week since I last blogged. To be fair I have had two posts completed and I chose to wait till this post had been done. I think it was because January is the month of my birthday and last Sunday (24th) I turned 24! Can you believe it? 24 I thought I would feel different but I do not and no at first I thought 'Oh my gosh, I am getting old' which I am but I guess it could be worse and I might aswell enjoy being 24.

I have not done one of these posts in a while but I am going to do a 'My week in Photos' I thought this would be a good post to do and you can get to see what I got up to do besides work. I have also seen other bloggers doing these kind of posts which inspired me to do my own.

I began my week as I usually do beginning going to work and of course before I started this meant one thing. Suits. Suits and Suits. I absolutely love suits and I cannot wait till season 4 is released on Netflix UK.

I always go on my Instagram as the majority of you know how much I love it and I post daily too.
In my latest blog posts from last year I talked about how much my feed has changed and last week I found some amazing pictures of Kate Moss, Leonardo Dicaprio, old fashion cars and lots more. (I will leave a link at the end of my post if you want to check it out) Amazingly enough I reached an unbelievable 1200 followers which is just so unreal and cannot believe that there are so many of you that love my Instagram! As always, thank you ever so much! I love you all and I never in a million years expected it, I just love posting retro pictures.

Here are just a few of the pictures I now have on my Instagram and the two at the top of my post.

On Wednesday 20th January I arranged to go out with my friends for a meal to celebrate my birthday.
It was such a cold night and thankfully I tried to keep warm by wearing tights underneath my black super high wasted jeans from Topshop, my gorgeous leopard print blouse and Zara leather jacket.

That was pretty much my week, I saw family on Thursday and Friday and then waited till Sunday where I spent my birthday at the coast. Whitby is a lovely place!

Lottie x



Hey everyone! Welcome back or shall I say I'm back! Yes its been a few weeks since I've sat down and blogged. The last couple of weeks have been so busy at work and I haven't had chance to sit down and think of anything I wanted to blog. Its a good job I didn't upload all my posts I did during my week off in February! Gosh that seems like ages ago.. I actually have one post to go up then I have to sit and get back to blogging when I possibly can. I really fancied a catch up, another chatty post I guess. I have been loving posts like this. My #MondayMotivation Post I uploaded a few weeks ago has done amazingly well and I honestly cannot believe it. It's pretty crazy and even my chatty post too. I love you guys. Thank you so much! Did I tell you I've been absolutely had the best time scrolling through Twitter and Instagram looking at 90's images and no not just of Kate Moss either.
I've also been loving fashion pictures and of course I couldn't resist getting a photo of #JaneBirkin and #TheSpiceGirls. Leave comments below if you loved them just as much as I did! 

How has your week been? Its been a funny old week because I had booked to get my haircut done on Wednesday and 2 hours before I had to cancel my appointment because it was heavy snow and there was no way I could of got the bus. It was a nightmare. Anyway, I've managed to re book and I cannot wait till Friday. I'm going to feel like a new woman. I have not had a hair cut since November last year and I'm having my highlights put back in so yes an Instagram selfie will probably happen! 
Don't get me wrong, I love being busy at work. I mean if you are not the hours go by so slow its unbelievable but its nice when I get to have some spare time to blog when I'm not being a happy receptionist to our patients at the surgery. 

The amount of times I've been to the doctors or the dentists and the receptionist's look so miserable. They give the impression that they don't want to be there and I'm thinking 'its not hard to put a smile on your face' even if your having a bad day or you have personal issues. What a lovely welcome that would be when the staff don't look happy. Yes a doctor and a dentist aren't the best of places to be, people are sick at the doctors and there's a reason why they are there and the same when you go to get your teeth checked out but please 'try and make a smile'.

1. It makes the patients feel welcomed.
2. It can brighten people's days.
3. It can cheer yourself up or your colleagues.
4. Patients will feel like you want to be there.

Some patients can be so rude to you, it can be unbelievable to think that a human being would speak you to like that when the majority of us wouldn't even dream of speaking to someone like that. I've had it recently at work and even in retail. I'm sure a lot of people would have experienced it. I am right?

The saddest thing about being a receptionist at the doctors surgery is you see so many different types of people. People who are generally ill and come to the surgery just to get better and then you get the ones who come in every week sometimes a few times who really aren't that ill at all!

I've just finished my 6 month training at work and got the paperwork signed off, will probably take me a year at least to learn everything as there is so much to process. One of the things I am good at is handling people who can be rude to you. Never show them how you feel, always keep your feelings inside you. I know that can be hard. It really is not easy!

Anyway, why am I talking about work..

At the beginning of the post I talked about some pictures that I had seen on Twitter and Instagram which I have been loving and here they are!

What do you all think? I love them. The style, just everything about it. Oh and Leo in the 90's.
The world went crazy last week when he finally after 20 years won his first Oscar. I was so excited for him, he deserved it so much. He is a wonderful actor and was beyond happy for him.

I hope you all enjoyed my #ReflectingOnFebruary post, I have been enjoying doing these kind of posts. I suppose they give me targets on things I can make better and achieve for example like my blogging.

I hope you all have a lovely week and will be back very soon!

Lottie x


New Discoveries I Style Inspiration

I have always loved this kind of style inspiration and I started doing some style inspiration blog posts I think about a year ago along with another blog series called the sunday post where I would chat about a number of things mostly about my style or an inspirational women/icon I adored. Now only the other day I came across scrolling through tumblr and pinterest and I thought this is exactly what I need to bring back this fashion inspiration blog series back and what a better way to do so then finding the best photos I have seen in a long time. I mean honestly how stylish and dreamy are these. It made me think about how much I would love to have a home like this (one day) and how retro inspired the fashion is, how classy and sophiscated it is. The feeling you get when you see someone in an magazine, or when you find the most perfect outfit and you feel amazing. You feel good in what your wearing and you want to show it off the world.

Tumblr and Pinterest is possible one of the greatest things that people can enjoy, its that kind of website where you can search whatever you want too and it can be food, finding the perfect receipe or even some ideas on what to wear, what to feel good and tips on how to do different hair styles. Sometimes you could even call it a new discovery right?

I love finding new items to add to the wardrobe, something different to wear and you can enjoy it that much until you get sick of wearing it and then you end up leaving it for ages before reaching for it agsin. I would love to know what style you enjoy and what are your new favourite items of this summer?

Lottie x


Tips On How To Dress Like A Modern Vintage Lady

Hello everyone!

Thought I'd do a Modern Vintage Blog Post again but this time on how to dress like one.
I really hope you enjoy it as it is something new that I thought would be great to share with you whilst I will be about to begin my holiday when you read this.

Celebrities that dress as a Modern Vintage woman are Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Peaches Geldof.
The style of clothing is vintage and high street.

Here are a few steps to how to dress like a Modern vintage woman.
  • Decide what type of vintage style you would like. Do you want to look like a modern flapper? Do you want to have a little something from the 30's or 50's.
  •  Have your very long or very short.  This depends in the decade you want to dress like. If you are going for the 20s then bobs were very popular but instead of cutting it in all one length have some edgy layers for a fun modern twist. If you want to keep your long hair beachy waves are a cute style and will look lovely with vintage and modern clothing.
  • Wear dresses from vintage shops or high street stores. Vintage shops are pricey but it can be easier to find what you are looking for unlike going to a high street store that may sell modern vintage clothing such as Urban Outfitters and Topshop. Of course you could order online as there are so many websites that do vintage clothes.
  • Wear old fashioned jewellery. Pearl necklaces and a gold locket are great examples of what jewellery to wear.

Here is just a few ideas on how to dress like a modern vintage woman and here are a few pictures that I thought would be great to show you how woman dress to give you some inspiration and ideas.


 Lottie x


Sunday, 16 July 2017

That's Amore

Did someone say, hello summer finally? We are well and truly into Summer 2017 and boy doesn't it not feel good! I recently just had my hair done at the weekend which made me feel 10 times better and I love taking a little selfie when I get my hair done (I promise I am not vain) but I do find they are great to look back on now again and great for blog posts so please forgive me. I actually had a break from taking outfit of the day photos, sometimes it's nice to not take a photo of what you are wearing and just enjoy wearing it. I suppose its nice to have a break from taking selfies all the time. I also have not been feeling the 'Instagram vibe' and perhaps I could be getting a bit tired posting a photo of myself all the time and what clothes I am wearing. It is great to have a break from everything, I have mentioned about it before in recent blog posts so I am not really going to go into too much detail but its great to have a break and realise that not everything has to be on Instagram. It is great to keep things private to the world now and again.

I have been thinking a lot recently about my Grandad and how we are in July and its scary to think in October it will be a year since he died and how I cannot bare to think that. Loosing someone who you love so much is the hardest thing I have ever had go through and it makes you realise how special and how lucky you are to have your family. Sometimes I feel great and then other days all I want to do is give him a hug and just to chat with him, I keep telling myself that my grandad is in heaven, watching me and my family and all I have to do is touch my heart or look at a photo of him and I know he is with me, sending me love, sending me hugs and giving me the best advice like he always used to do and telling me how proud is he of us all, that he loves us and how one day we will be reunited together. All I have to do is to think of that and I know he's with me every step of the way. Since he passed away it has been hard listening to the same music which we both loved like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. About a month before we were sat in the front room listening to an album and it had 'That's Amore on it and I thought that is perfect.

Lottie x


Monday, 10 July 2017

Le Freak, C'est Chic, Freak Out

One of the most greatest life achivements for myself is probably creating this blog of mine. There are so many bloggers nowadays all wanting to strive in their own ways, some of them are doing it full time and are wanting to make money from it and then you get people like myself who perhaps just enjoy it as a hobby and love coming home from a busy week to open my laptop and start thinking of posts I want to do. This is most possible something I used to treasure doing when I was a part timer at the doctors but since I enjoyed a law firm as a full time girl I can honestly say the last thing I feel like doing on a night at the moment is blogging. My current week consits of me working from 08.30 in the morning to 5pm but by the time I get home and have had tea. Its usually around 7pm and then I hit the bath and watch some telly (usually on Netlix) and before you know it I go to sleep. After doing 4 weeks at my new job I look forward to the weekends when I can enjoy blogging again and getting back into Lottie's Lott once again.

The wonderful ladies featured in this post happen to be just a few of my all time favourite icon's the world has ever seen and whilst I wanted to do an Old Hollywood kind of post today I completely changed it as wanted to call it something totally different and in French. Why French you may say? Well I would love to go to France and I love the French accent plus it just sounds so much better than an ordinary English accent. I say that but really there are lots of different English accents really. I also had to pick out one of my favourite bands Chic and in fact my favourite song hence the title of this post. I love chatty posts like this and I hope you like them too!

Lottie x

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