Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Fashion Love Affair

I do not know how many times I am drawn to this t shirt I just love it and you know what I have been going on about it for a long time (well since I bought it) but as you may know by now or perhaps have realised how much I love The Beatles. I honestly feel like its become a staple to my current wardrobe at the moment and as soon as the darker nights start drawing in and the chilly mornings arise I will miss wearing this t shirt rather a lot. I suppose you could get away with it during the Auturmn months but to be quite frank with you I will be starting to wear cute little jumpers and shirts again. It is the most loveliest t shirt I have worn apart from my BOWIE one I swear its like a love affair. Its like an old discovery and oh my dear I love it. Yes it can be a simple look but I love simple looks sometimes, they still can look super cool and still make you feel fabulous. So this t shirt was from Mango and it has to be one of my favourite purchases of my adult life so far. It has to be the perfect combination with MOM jeans or even high waisted and of course the added extra chocker. I love the peachy, pretty chockers. I am not the greatest fan of the black ones, I would rather pick up a peachy pink than all black. 

Now the next little number has to be my all time favourite bomber jacket which I bought last year from Zara and it is my absolute favourite jacket to wear when its chilly and even when its Summer and the weather isn't hot. I would call it the casual Saturday vibe but yes I love it so much.

The greatest thing I love about well is the colour and how I love the zip effect on the sleeves. I actually wore my BOWIE t shirt but I did not take a little snap of this (I do apologise of course) and please forgive me but I love this kind of weather when yes its supposed to be summer but the weather is not great and you can get away with these kind of jackets or a leather jacket and then to brighten the outfit up a bit add one of your bright summery pink lipsticks by MAC. Now that is what I am talking about!!

Lottie x

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