Monday, 10 July 2017

Le Freak, C'est Chic, Freak Out

One of the most greatest life achivements for myself is probably creating this blog of mine. There are so many bloggers nowadays all wanting to strive in their own ways, some of them are doing it full time and are wanting to make money from it and then you get people like myself who perhaps just enjoy it as a hobby and love coming home from a busy week to open my laptop and start thinking of posts I want to do. This is most possible something I used to treasure doing when I was a part timer at the doctors but since I enjoyed a law firm as a full time girl I can honestly say the last thing I feel like doing on a night at the moment is blogging. My current week consits of me working from 08.30 in the morning to 5pm but by the time I get home and have had tea. Its usually around 7pm and then I hit the bath and watch some telly (usually on Netlix) and before you know it I go to sleep. After doing 4 weeks at my new job I look forward to the weekends when I can enjoy blogging again and getting back into Lottie's Lott once again.

The wonderful ladies featured in this post happen to be just a few of my all time favourite icon's the world has ever seen and whilst I wanted to do an Old Hollywood kind of post today I completely changed it as wanted to call it something totally different and in French. Why French you may say? Well I would love to go to France and I love the French accent plus it just sounds so much better than an ordinary English accent. I say that but really there are lots of different English accents really. I also had to pick out one of my favourite bands Chic and in fact my favourite song hence the title of this post. I love chatty posts like this and I hope you like them too!

Lottie x


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