Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Reflecting on July

How is it July already.. this year is going way too fast! I cannot honestly believe it. So this month has ups and down's. I am not going into detail exactly as it is personal and I do not want to mention it on social media and my blog. However, hopefully things will be getting better once again.

This post will be a lot shorter than how I original had planned it but sometimes thats how things go and you have be prepared to change things. The blog will be be updated a lot more regularly and I have already quite a few diferent posts ready for you all which I am sure you will love. The other day I was invited to download an app call slack - it was to do with a blogger site, a bit like blog lovin' where you can share your posts and connect with diferent bloggers however this was so much more complicated and decided to delete the account. It seemed to have great reviews which was attracted me to it and the app was free of course but when I had a look in to it I was not keen and decided just to stick with blog lovin'. I honestly believe blog lovin' is the best thing to get when you are a new blogger. It is the greatest thing ever and everyone recomends it. It is the best way to keep up to date on your favourite bloggers and see what they are posting and works great for you when you post blog posts. It is 100% worth getting the app! 

I have just been to see Dunkirk and my gosh it was amazing! I was speechless, it was the best movie I have ever seen! You must go and see it.

Hope you have had a good month and feel free to leave comments below as to what postitive quotes you love?

Lottie x


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