Sunday, 16 July 2017

That's Amore

Did someone say, hello summer finally? We are well and truly into Summer 2017 and boy doesn't it not feel good! I recently just had my hair done at the weekend which made me feel 10 times better and I love taking a little selfie when I get my hair done (I promise I am not vain) but I do find they are great to look back on now again and great for blog posts so please forgive me. I actually had a break from taking outfit of the day photos, sometimes it's nice to not take a photo of what you are wearing and just enjoy wearing it. I suppose its nice to have a break from taking selfies all the time. I also have not been feeling the 'Instagram vibe' and perhaps I could be getting a bit tired posting a photo of myself all the time and what clothes I am wearing. It is great to have a break from everything, I have mentioned about it before in recent blog posts so I am not really going to go into too much detail but its great to have a break and realise that not everything has to be on Instagram. It is great to keep things private to the world now and again.

I have been thinking a lot recently about my Grandad and how we are in July and its scary to think in October it will be a year since he died and how I cannot bare to think that. Loosing someone who you love so much is the hardest thing I have ever had go through and it makes you realise how special and how lucky you are to have your family. Sometimes I feel great and then other days all I want to do is give him a hug and just to chat with him, I keep telling myself that my grandad is in heaven, watching me and my family and all I have to do is touch my heart or look at a photo of him and I know he is with me, sending me love, sending me hugs and giving me the best advice like he always used to do and telling me how proud is he of us all, that he loves us and how one day we will be reunited together. All I have to do is to think of that and I know he's with me every step of the way. Since he passed away it has been hard listening to the same music which we both loved like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. About a month before we were sat in the front room listening to an album and it had 'That's Amore on it and I thought that is perfect.

Lottie x


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