Saturday, 12 August 2017

Instagram Catch Up

So today I wanted to show you my current Instagram feed and actually do what I like to call an Instagram Catch up and show you exactly what has been happening on my feed and what photo's have made my current feed. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed recently that I have been posting rather a lot and this is due to the fact I have lots of things I have wanted to share with you and what better way to do it then on Instagram right? I have had lots of people saying to me how much they love what I post and this is just a great feeling and something so lovely for people to say. So many people have some really cool Insta feeds is just the best feeling and inside I smile and say to myself 'Yes Charlotte you go girl' and even my mum even says its great and she doesn't even have an account she just enjoys going on my phone and scrolling through. GUESS WHAT?! she even thought it would be a fabulous idea to mention about in an interview I had this week as I had to a 2 minute presentation on whatever I fancied so I brought in my SGT Pepper Vinyl by The Beatles and talked about my love of music, my vinyl collection which lead me on to discuss about how I love vintage clothing and even how I have a blog! They thought it was really interesting and how I had a blog.. you get so many people who think its so cool when you say 'oh I have a blog' it is that part of yourself which is diferent and people want to know all about it. 

Anyway, after that long ramble I wanted to share with you what I have been loving recently from the above pictures and perhaps a little selfie of myself. As you can tell from the photos I have been truly inpired by so many style inspiration posts from Tumblr and had to add them to my feed. I also have been loving the beautiful Kate Moss again. Now I did not go off her (how could you) I just had some time to realise how much I had missed her modelling photos when she in her youth and to be honest that has to be the same with Mick Jagger too. I honestly think he is one of the coolest men ever! and what is my feed without a photo of myself and my queen Marilyn and the most dreamiest picture of Paris I have seen which I found on the Instagram page 'The Lovers and Drifters Club'.

I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't find it too dull. I love writing these kind of posts and I am so close to 1,900 followers on Instagram too! That is ridiciously crazy and I want to thank everyone of you for following me on Insta and my blog. You have no idea how much it means to me and how happy I feel that people enjoy reading what I post.

Lottie x


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