Thursday, 3 August 2017

July Favourites

Another monthly favourites has come round again so quickly again and in today's post I wanted to mix together different photos together and keeping the Vintage inspired theme as always. All the photos above you may have seen that I have posted a few of them from my Instagram but they were all orignial sourced from Tumblr. How much do you love them? I love all the photos that I chose for this post and every one is all part of the blog Lottie's Lott

B O W I  E 

Let me tell you something about the photo I found on Instagram. Whoever created this the bomber jacket and designed it, wow! Thank you. I would 100% wear this every day. I love it so much and I am a fan! I love Ziggy so much.


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls let me introduce you to Jayne. Jayne? Jayne Mansfield of course and I know I have talked about her recently so I do apologise but please forgive me you lovely people.. but have you seen the gorgeous picture of her above? I love her so much don't you? What a queen and one of my favourite Old Hollywood Stars.

J U L I E  C H R I S T I E

I saw this photo and thought 'wow I love it so much'. This would look cool to add to a post right?
If you have read my blog for a while you guys will know I am obesssed with old vintage black and white photos. If not, you just learned something new about me! 

S T Y L E  I N S I R A T I O N

I love style inspiration so much its one of the great things I enjoy and love to share it with you. Listen, how many times have you seen a tube in PINK? and seen a bike look so pretty and retro. 

Lottie x

Disclaimer: Please note all of these pictures featured in this post were sourced from Tumblr.


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