Monday, 21 August 2017

Reflecting on August - The Happiest Of Times

In 2 weeks as I am writing this it will be September! This year has gone by so fast I can hardly believe that Summer is pretty much over although it has been great to get some gorgeous weather recently as before you know it, we will be wearing boots, coats and jumpers. This month has been filled with the happiest and I really wanted to document that. I am really excited to be starting my new job in the beginning of September - it will be great to be working back at a doctors surgery doing what I do the best and being the best Medical Receptionist I can be to all the patients. It will be a new practice, new team, new ways of doing things and the people just seem so lovely and my manager just seems the best. I am also pleased that it is full time and I only get to work one evening which is a bonus as at my old practice I worked for I did three. I suppose a saturday morning is not too bad either right? This time around I will be based at both surguries instead of just the one but there are only two in the practice so it is so much more smaller than Priory but with so much more opportunity than just being a receptionist. I honestly cannot wait to start and only the other week I was invited to meet some of the team at the Fulford practice and I had already met one of the girls so it was great - all different ages too! I somehow already feel part of the team already and I will have a new uniform of wearing navy which is not the easist of things to buy but I suppose its a change from wearing black and you can wear a white blouse/shirt which actually look nice with the colour navy blue.


At the end of April some of you might have already know that I went to Berlin with my friend Jess for a little trip away for her 21st Birthday and at the beginning of the month I asked if she would send me some more photos that she had taken of either me or the two of us as I did not have them. Anyway she send me so many and I wanted to share a few with you, I actually did post a few on Instagram which you guys seemed to love and they were defintely some my favourite ones.

I absolutely loved these ones and I totally forgot about them so it was so nice to look back at them and I defintely wanted to share these with you. We also just went on a girly day out to Leeds which was great and had such the best day, I bought a couple of things from Lush which I really want to put in a favourites post or perhaps do a little short skin care routine. We had a lovely time looking round Leeds and had lunch in our favourite restaurant Wagamama's. I loved the Leeds Trinity Centre one I would highly reccommend it! Here's a few snaps we took.


Thank you so much as always for taking the time out to read my blog, it really means the world to me and I love you all.

Lottie x

Discliamer: Please note the only photos that are not my own are at the top of the post that were sourced on Tumblr. 


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