Friday, 29 September 2017

Reflecting on September

September, September, September.. how fast have you come and go? The weather has defintely changed and Auturm is pretty much hear now. Waking up to those dark rainy mornings, feeling chilly and the thought of having another pair of shoes with you incase you get drenched? Well that has what has happened to me recently that is for sure. The trees are starting to change colour and the leaves are falling, the scarfs, hats, gloves and jumpers are coming out and to be honest it does feel nice to be wearing cosy warm clothes again. Halloween is coming and so is Christmas! This month has been a funny old month filled with ups and downs but you have to keep going. I do not have a lot to say in this post apart from due to personal reasons my blog has been forgotten about this month and I have only published one blog post so far, I am planning to do a few more as soon as I but I have been so busy doing other things and being there for the family. It is very hard to fit it in but I hope soon things will get back to normal, you will just have to bear with me.

September is the birthday month for my Grandma, Grandad and sister. Sadly we lost my Grandma who died on Thursday 21st September which actually was her birthday.. can you believe that!? It was something that happened and we had no control over it. It happened so fast and something that should not of happened because she did not deserve to die like that. I hate you cancer for coming back 7 years later and nastier than before. At least now Grandma is not in any pain and reunited with my Grandad in heaven. We both miss you so much, you were both incredible and life will not be the same without you. Thank you for being the best you could be, forever grateful and will always have the memories and videos and the love till I die. You will never be forgotten, how could you possibly be? And as you both used to say.. now we pass the batton on..

Betty Hall

Grandma Betty this is for you.. so I hope you are listening
Thank you for everything, thank you for being the most amazing Grandma, mum and mother in law and friend. I lost not just a Grandma but a best friend and a second mum. One day I will tell my children all about you and how lucky I was to have a Grandma like you. You are one in a million. Now go and tell Grandad the exact same. 

Your granddaughter Charlottie 

Disclaimer: All the black and white photos were sourced from Tumblr

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