Saturday, 30 September 2017

September Favourites I Photo Diary

Keeping up with the monthly favourites has been really difficult to do and if you have just read my brand new post about my month then you will know I just recently lost my Grandma. So things have been tough and we have her funeral coming up shortly which will be sad and happy because we get to remember how great her life was with her favourite people and now she is reunited with my Grandad who's one year anniversary is coming up in the end of October. So with this post I chose some of my favourite tumblr sourced pictures above and as you can see from them I went for a sophiscated, classy vibe but by the end I went for a coffee inspiration post with the loveliest of glasses ever! Tumblr has the best photos if you are feeling like you need some inspiration they are great. I would reccommend it.. I find it great and I love posting them on my Instagram too. 

Who loves the red blouse and white spots with the black ankle boots?!


The cutest outit ever and I love it so much! 

Sorry about this post being rather short but at this sad time that me and my family are going through I thought I would do a photo diary of my favourites.

Lottie x

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