Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Future Is Female

I once had an idea about having a blog but never having the confidence to actually start one, but now I am doing it and have been for a while. After blogging for a little while now you start to question your journey and how you made it real. My blog is my hobby as quite a lot of you will most likely know already but just like any blogger I like to make changes to it now again and keep it looking fresh. For the past couple of months my mind has honestly not been in the blogger mood as usually how I would want it to be but I have still been producing some posts and have been pleased with how they have turned out. Instagram for me has been such a great app that I have been come obsessed about and always like to try and post twice a day. Somethings I can get carried away with myself and like to post a few more, it just depends on what images I have backed up on my phone and how I look to see what images I can post so the content never gets boring and its always different. I believe it is so important to keep changing your photos around and have different ones going. 

My feed from the other week shows a lot of style inspiration but also has that retro feel to it. I had to feature my And Other Stories fragrance which actually after starting to use it I find it is very sweet and I am not keen on sweet sweet fragnances. New perfume's are hard to come back.. I suppose you could say thats why I ALWAYS wear Chanel. Chanel why are you so expensive but smell so beautifully.. its funny because just before my Grandma became really poorly I went to see her and I gave her a hug and kiss and do you what said 'You smell devine' I will forever remember those words. Thats when you know you have the fragrance for you when your Grandma says that to you. I was looking back through some old blog posts and remembering how I started my blog and much it has developed over 2 and half years. I occassionally look at other people's and say 'oh I wish mine looked like that' but everyone is different and I am happy with Lottie's Lott.

If you have a blog or just started one then I would defintely say keep doing it and keep working on it. You get better and better over time and don't compare your blog to others.

Lottie x


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