Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Reflecting on November

Did someone say November was nearly over? I am sat writing this post and I honestly cannot believe where this month has gone. So I came back off holiday which feels like it was a life time ago not nearly a month and everything has just flown by. Also it is so scary to think Christmas is weeks away.. I really need to get my Christmas shopping sorted, someone come and help me please? This month I have been thinking this is the month to change the layout of my blog and do you know what I have done it and I love it. As I am writing this I must say it is not finished yet but when the post goes up it will be! I cannot wait, it looks so much better than my other Pipdig theme and this time round when I asked them to install it for me (which is free) they did everything and it was amazing! Even all my social media.. so I am very grateful to them and I would defintely check them out if you are wanting to add a little bit of spice to your blog! I spent my money well and this is the only brand Ihave known that have decent and professional themes. I feel like my blog looks even better and I am so proud of how it looks and cannot wait to show you!

Lots of new posts have happened recently on the blog and I cannot wait to show you. I have not posted much this month which I don't like doing but I have been ever so busy with work and unfortuntely things got in the way. However I am back and lets get the December posts going...

I wanted to add this photo in of my sister as this was taken last sunday at my grandparents house and Fiona was spinning in the room and I was trying to get a boomerang which I finally got. Baring in mind this photo was taken just after we had eaten a lovely sunday lunch. This month was filled with me watching Stranger Things 2 and I absolutely loved it, it was so much darker than the first one and I was obsessed with it.. I also think Natalia Dyer is amzing who plays Nancy Wheeler. I mean this photo shoot is the best thing ever..

If you are following me over on Instagram then you would know how fabulous I think Natalia is. Something else I absolutely love is the new Peaky Blinders series, now all I will say on that is how amazing and intense and heartbreaking is it so far! 

Lottie x

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


I wanted to do to something a little bit diferent today. I sometimes think when writing that you feel like everyone knows you, and knows things about you. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to answer some questions that perhaps I have not spoken about before. Also I would love to know your answers in the comments below so I can get to know more about you too!

What is my real name?
I thought I would start with this one as you may or not have guess but Lottie is not my name. I love the name Lottie but its short for Charlotte. Funny enough, all my friends call my Charlotte or Charl for short which I never really liked it is just something I have got used too. My family call me Charlottie which I love and when I started my blog I chose the name Lottie from my name and Lott just seemed to go well so I stuck with it.

How did I get into vintage?

I got into vintage because I have always loved quirky clothes, I loved clothes that looked like they told a story, something different and unique. I also was loved old music and films, one memory I have of being a young teen was staying over my grandparents house and they would put on Agatha Christie's Poirot and since then I became hooked, I loved it! Everything about it and still do. I would defintely say my grandparents, they made me get into vintage so much and I would thank them every day for watching pictures that my Grandad would watch, listening to the radio and putting on some fab tunes from my Grandad's music collection. Last but not least looking at pictres of them in their youth and thought 'wow I would love to dress like a women from the 1950s'.

Why I never shop online?

This is very strange one but I find it so so hard to shop online because of how tall I am. It is truely impossible for me to browse through websites thinking 'I love this dress, but I am 99% sure its going to be too short or those pair of jeans look fab but how I am supposed to know if they are going to look baggy around my legs.' I hate it and why I choose not too, it is so much easier just to go into Topshop or Zara and actually trying something and go 'yes this is great'. 

Summer or Winter?

I love both for different reasons, summer because you can go outside and hopefully wear a summer dress and everyone just seems happy because people are going away and the sun is trying to get out. Winter because its nearly Christmas and my birthday! 

What are my wardrobe staples?

A good pair of comfy jeans that fit perfectly and either a nice jumper or shirt. I love any types of shirts and tend to usually tucked into them in with jeans, depending on what type of style the shirt is. Shirts and mom jeans are such a great combination too! 

I hope by doing this Q&A you guys will know just a little bit about me and don't forget to answer yours down below too!

Lottie x


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Let The Good Times Roll

All pictures above were sourced from Tumblr
I often think what would Grandma and Grandad say if I told them I had a blog, I think my grandma knew I had one but did not really know what one really was and how I would show her my Instagram feed and Grandad would be watching a picture that he had seen about 10 million times but still loved it or he would be moaning as we would be talking and telling us to be quiet. So Grandma would just wink and me and I would laugh and then I would look and Grandad and say "please forgive me Grandad" and would give me a hug. I miss those days so much, I loved fridays they were the best days ever and we would have a blast till last summer when Grandad's dementia got worse and we couldn't leave him for a few hours. I often think what Grandma would say to me if I told her about my new job which I started just after she got really poorly she would say something positive and then say 'nothing stays the same'. She would be so pleased that I was enjoying my job, I remember when I told her I got the job and it was the best news she'd heard all day and couldn't wait till everyone about it. I often think what Grandad would say if he knew Fiona and got her own car, he'd be over the moon and would want to hear all about my sisters car and what colour he was. Then he would say something like 'mind what your doing on the roads' infact Grandma would say the same too. I often think how Grandma would have loved to have heard about our holiday to Cyprus and had a few of the photos framed and put in the house. I often think how hard life is when you loose people who you love more than anything in the world. You have to remember they are always in your hearts and forever looking down on you.

I love these kind of posts that are no planned, you just start typing away and you seem to bring out the best. Also a credit to some of my favourite vintage photos that were sourced on Tumblr.

Lets make a toast, to my Grandma Betty and Grandad Tenny.
Also known as Mr and Mrs Tennyson Hall who we love dearly and forever with us till death do us part.

Love Charlottie x 


Sunday, 12 November 2017

A Cyprus Adventure I Summer In October

Hello lovely people, I am offically back in York however my heart is in Cyprus. I got back on Saturday after having a super week in the sun with the family. It was a year since my grandad had passed away on Saturday 28th October (the day we were going away) so that was not easy and we raised a toast to him then of course my Grandma died nearly 2 months ago unexpectedly so we have not had the best of times so it was really good to get away and enjoy ourselves. I must say we were very lucky with the weather and it turned out to be pretty good. Now its back to work, christmas is on its away and to be quite honest I really aren't in the christmas mood yet, this year will be very strange without not just Grandad but Grandma too! I guess we just have to think of the happy times we all had celebrating Christmas and last year Grandma came to us and that was our first Christnas without Grandad. So we'll just have to see how that plans out but back to  the blog and most importantly this post. This post will be a photo diary of a few of my favourite photos of my holiday in Pathos, Cyrpus.

Here are just a few holiday pictures from Cyprus, hope you enjoyed this short photo diary.

Lottie x
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