Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Reflecting on November

Did someone say November was nearly over? I am sat writing this post and I honestly cannot believe where this month has gone. So I came back off holiday which feels like it was a life time ago not nearly a month and everything has just flown by. Also it is so scary to think Christmas is weeks away.. I really need to get my Christmas shopping sorted, someone come and help me please? This month I have been thinking this is the month to change the layout of my blog and do you know what I have done it and I love it. As I am writing this I must say it is not finished yet but when the post goes up it will be! I cannot wait, it looks so much better than my other Pipdig theme and this time round when I asked them to install it for me (which is free) they did everything and it was amazing! Even all my social media.. so I am very grateful to them and I would defintely check them out if you are wanting to add a little bit of spice to your blog! I spent my money well and this is the only brand Ihave known that have decent and professional themes. I feel like my blog looks even better and I am so proud of how it looks and cannot wait to show you!

Lots of new posts have happened recently on the blog and I cannot wait to show you. I have not posted much this month which I don't like doing but I have been ever so busy with work and unfortuntely things got in the way. However I am back and lets get the December posts going...

I wanted to add this photo in of my sister as this was taken last sunday at my grandparents house and Fiona was spinning in the room and I was trying to get a boomerang which I finally got. Baring in mind this photo was taken just after we had eaten a lovely sunday lunch. This month was filled with me watching Stranger Things 2 and I absolutely loved it, it was so much darker than the first one and I was obsessed with it.. I also think Natalia Dyer is amzing who plays Nancy Wheeler. I mean this photo shoot is the best thing ever..

If you are following me over on Instagram then you would know how fabulous I think Natalia is. Something else I absolutely love is the new Peaky Blinders series, now all I will say on that is how amazing and intense and heartbreaking is it so far! 

Lottie x

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