Friday, 15 December 2017

It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas I Part Two

'It is beginning to look like Christmas everywhere you go', I love that song and now we are finally in December we can finally sing Christmas songs! This Christmas it is going to be so different for my family as neither my Grandma or Grandad will be with us. I say with us, I know they are but it is the not the same. I know they will be having a sherry and whisky with us, sending us all the love and wishing they were with us. Last year it was our first Christmas without my Grandad and that didn't seem right one bit but we someone got through it and remembered how much he would want us to enjoy it and somewhere in heaven he was there. Nobody realised that we would have lost my Grandma this September and here are pictures of our last Christmas with her last year. I am looking forward to Christmas but it will not be the same, we just have to remember the Christnas's we have had with both of them and realise how lucky we were to have for such a long time. Christmas makes everyone happy and I am looking forward to putting our tree up this year, we haven't got up but as from the 15th of December our tree will be up. Christmas is such a magical time of the year especially for children, I used to get so excited on Christmas Eve and could never sleep. I always would look out of my bedroom window to see if I could see Father Christmas coming.. happy times.
Christmas of course changes as you get older and you appreciate spending time with your family and friends rather than presents. It is a happy time of the year but it goes so fast, people spend months preparing for Christmas and it just goes like that but oh its fabulous.

Tiz' the season to be jolly right? I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!

Lottie x


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