Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Change Is Gonna Come

So much has changed recently and I have always been that kind of person to expect change and embrace the challenges and the exciting times ahead that you might have. That is honestly the best way to look at change, it can be such a crazy thing but with the support of loved ones you can do it. The world that we live in today is always changing and it is hard for people expecially elderly people which I totally can understand their fustration as to why so many things change. Change is something I have been dealing with for a while in my personal and work life, as some of you might know if you have been reading my blog for a while my grandparents were the most important people in my life apart from my parents and sister of course. Now I won't go in to a lot of detail on this matters my friends however my grandad died last year and his 1 year anniversary was in October 2017. Then out of the blue my grandma became poorly in the summer and we got her to the doctors etc, she went into hospital knowing that her cancer had come back after 7 years!! and then blow us it spread so quick to the point that at 86 as she was when she sadly passed away her body couldn't take the kemo and she went up to heaven to join my grandad. She wasn't even ready to go!! Anyway I will move on from that but trying to live without them is so hard especially when you spent 25 years with them, it is heartbreaking. At the moment work has been ridiciously busy and as I work long days and full time it has been so hard to put posts together and I have been craving a day where I could just get back to my laptop and begin more and more posts for you guys.

Something else that has been changing and something that has had a massive effect on my social media platform is Instagram. As you guys will already know by now I have always loved the app Instagram. It has been my favourite app ever but seen they changed the layout a while ago, the posts always seem to be getting missed because sometimes you see things from 2 days a go rather than something has just been posted. It is very annoying and I do not get bothered about likes because I am not obessed with it but it irrates me when I post something great and not a lot of people love it.

Sometimes you just have to expect change no matter what is going on.

Lottie x


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