Sunday, 28 January 2018

Reflecting on January

Welcome back to a blog series that I want to continue doing through 2018 as last year it was successful and I enjoyed doing them. So here we are, nearly at the end of January and over the last few weeks I have seen so many tweets regarding the fact that January is a depressing month, people have no money and after the New Year you get out of the Christmas bubble and get back to work. However for myself January is my birthday month and actually when I write this post on Sunday 28th January I have just celebrated my birthday.. or shall I say my 26th Birthday!! How scary does that sound.. I am definitely getting old and things are starting to make me realise how much I would love to get a boyfriend, have my own place and get married and hve children. I have been thinking about the whole online dating and the beginning of December I embarked on the idea of getting Tinder.. yes I was speaking to my cousin's girlfriend at the time and she mentioned to me about how she's known people who have met their partners through Tinder so I thought why ever not. I may actually have to get myself on a proper dating app where they actually ask questions and match you up. Grandma always used to stay you'll find someone when you don't least expect it and nothing stays the same. But Grandma, can you look down on me in heaven and tell me when that is going to happen?

January so far hasn't been a bad month, I know its the month where people start doing the New Year Resolutions and as I mentioned in my previous blog post I didn't do any resolutions. More like goals that I wanted to achieve and actually one thing I didn't say was about the gym. I really want to start going to the gym as I do not do a lot of exercise and at the moment I have two days at work that I finish after lunch so its perfect for me to ago after work and then on a weekend. The only issue is David Lloyds is so expensive and I certainly would not be able to afford paying £60 a month if I still worked at my previous doctors surgery I worked at before.

So this year was my first birthday with my Grandma and my second without my Grandad. I was very lucky in the fact for the last 5/6 years I was able to spend my birthday with them and had some fabulous times with me. Grandma took me to Betty's on my 21st Birthday and on my 18th Birthday we went to see War Horse which she loved. Last year myself, my sister, grandma and auntie all went to Newcastle for the day and it was a fab day but looking back now no one would have thought that grandma would not be here anymore. On Wednesday I just thought to myself they are both wishing me 'many happy returns of the day' thats what she would always say and put in her card'. However I knew they would both be happy as I celebrated my birthday with my friends and went to Bills, eat some lovely food and drank prosecco. Then went out for tea and drinks with my family which was great!

That has been my January, I hope you have a good start to the year!!

 Here is to February.

Lottie x


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