Sunday, 22 April 2018

Reflecting on April

April where have you been hiding? I honestly feel like we have missed a season and jumped straight into Summer as at the moment everyone is having a heatwave in the UK. So many people are wearing flip flops, getting out their sunnies and going round in Summer clothes. We have totally forgotten that we are still in April! Although saying that I think we are having the last weekend of warm sunshine before we go back to rainy days. As I am writing this I have Sinatra on the record player and listening to Come fly with me, definitely wishing I was back at Grayshon Drive with my favourite people who are looking down on me as I play Frank. He brought so much joy to me when my grandparents were alive and I will forever be grateful for those memories of playing Grandad's vinyls and then sending video's to my Grandma so she could play them. Happy days, I miss being able to do this.

This month has been an interesting one if I do say so myself. It started off with the Easter weekend which despite how awful the weather was it was so lovely to have a four day weekend. Something that was looking forward as I haven't had a proper holiday since I started working at the doctors surgery since October when I went to Cyrprus. So I was loving not having to go in Friday and Monday.. you have to love those bank holiday weekends right? Speaking of holidays it's nearly a year since Jess and I went to Berlin for her 21st, cannot believe how quick that went! Only feels like yesterday when we going and had such a fab time. I would love to go back but definitely stay in a nicer area thats for sure! May 19th takes me to a special place; somewhere I have always wanted to go and I honestly have never been more excited.. pretty gutted that I won't be able to do a lot of Beatle related things but its okay I can go again and do that all over again. Have you guessed? It's Liverpool - the home of my favourite band, The Beatles! 3 days enjoying the city with two of my closest friends it will defintely be a trip to remember! I will be taking lots of photos, lots of Instagram stories and boomerangs. Now I have to get my summer wardrobe ready and decide what I am going to wear. I also need to get my summer body ready too.. which means lots and lots of times at the gym. I love the gym and I am so happy I decided to finally joined! I love going after work and the weekends, definitely my time to relax and actually enjoy doing exercise.

Lottie x


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