Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Embroided Smock Blouse

I have always loved clothes and how my style has developed over the years as I have got older. I love quirky prints, classic coats and something that stands out. I love having lots of colour in my wardrobe, for me that brings me so much joy than having a wardrobe full of dark colours. I like to express my personality in the way I dress and I will always go for something that is bright rather than something thats black or grey. 

Last weekend  came across this lovely bright colour smock blouse which caught my eye and it was something I had to try on. The colour is so bright and when I think of Spring it reminds me of this blouse. The detailing is beautiful and the cute bow at the top just finishes it off. I saw a smock blouse from Topshop a while ago and it was very similar to this but it was blue and white but I never bought it. Infact the colour reminds me of a mustard yellow and it is a bohemian style blouse and very obsessed with the embroidery. It is just the perfect smock blouse for spring!

However despite how expensive the blouse was, I was a very happy girl. I wore it on Saturday night when I went to the cinema to see the new Avengers film and can I just say Infinity War was the best Avengers film ever! I don't think anyone could believe the ending, we were all just shell shocked for ages. On Topshop website the blouse is paired up with white jeans but I suppose you could it wear it with any type of jeans. I wore mine with black jeans and a leather jacket but it would also look nice with mom jeans too.

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