Saturday, 26 May 2018

Reflecting On May And Trip To Liverpool

Hello May, how quick have you come around? and how is it even possible that we are in the fifth month of 2018. What is going on? I started this month with a drugstore beauty spree in Boots and let me tell you I hadn't planned to get a lot it just so happened as I was walking around like you do you come across products that you see and then you end up buying them. So I bought Benefit's the POREfessional face primer which was the only thing I needed as I was about to run out and I can't go without applying primer to my face before foundation and concealer. So as you can imagine I ended up spending a fortune as I caught my eye on the Soap and Glory Peachpout lipstick which is lovely and great for Summer. I also picked up the Soap and Glory Melty Talented Dry skin balm which actually looked really nice and even though it was £5.00 for the tin it actually looked a decent size and a lot of product. Howver when I tried it at home it was very sweet and actually quite dissapointing as I found it was greasy. You can use it for your elbows, lips and knees but even after applying it on my knees it was just so greasy and for me the smell was way too sweet. Don't get me wrong I like sweet sents but somehow Soap and Glory had made the balm a very sweet strawberry smell and I wasn't a fan. I also wish there was more product especially when it is £5.00.

Sometimes it is nice to treat yourself when you need cheering up or just because you want too. At the moment work is not too great and even though I prefer to not say too much what is going on but I have been looking elsewhere for other things as when you are in a job you want to enjoy it and you certainly do not come into work to get so much grief right? It is honestly a real shame as I used to adore being a Medical Receptionist - I had 2 happy years at my old surgery and it was great. Hopefully things will get better soon.. but at the moment blogging is my everything. I feel happy when I get to pick up my laptop and document things that are happening.  

I have just got back from Liverpool with my two friends, we went for my birthday in January and it was the best two days ever. We did so much in the two days, we went to the Peaky Blinders Bar in Liverpool and as some of you know might know I love Peaky Blinders so I was over the moon to be there. It was such a cool place with a live band and the bar had so many pictures of the Shelby's.

Then we moved onto the Carven Club, I was so excited to go here as I am a Beatle's fan and have loved them since I was 7 years old but I was disapointed as it wasn't that great. Maybe it was the night we went but it was just very small and full of old men which isn't much fun!! I was expecting it to be very 1960s and playing fab music and seeing so many people there. We ended up going to a ba called SGT PEPPER and it was was a such good and also had a live bar and we danced till 1am before coming home.

Look at the cool artwork below..

I also had a photo with John Lennon outside the Carven, what a beautiful man. #DayMade

On Sunday we went to the World Museum which was huge and so interesting! I would 100% recommend going. Then went to The Beatle's Story which was just amazing and as you can imagine I look so many photos. Here a just a few below!

Next time I would love to the Beatle's Tour and have a look round the vintage shops! That is a must and go right and see all the statues.

That was Livepool, had such an amazing time and it was so good to get away for the weekend!! Back to reality and to work. Something I am really enjoying is the gym, I love being able to go after work and at the weekends. Whether that is swimming or just to the gym, I've had people ask me why I pay so much but to be honest if you are wanting to go so many times it really doesn't matter. It all depends on what you want to get out of it.

Here are my most favourite things to eat at the gym at the moment..I am really into salads. I love being healthy and this is definitely something I am loving.

The first one is Chicken Cesar Salad and the one below is a Protein power salad which is Chicken, salad leaves and avocado and lots of seeds. Both are so tasty and perfect after a workout.

Now breakfast, actually this is my first time I ever tried porridge and it was so tasty!

Lottie x

Disclaimer: All photography featured in this post is taken my myself.


Sunday, 13 May 2018

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I'll admit. I am a total Insta-addict.

Whoever created Instagram, I love you. 

I swear everybody has Instagam these days and what I love about it as each feed is different. 

Let me tell it takes so much time to actually make your feed look good.

 People do not realise how time consuming it is and how much pride you feel when people leave comments saying how much they love your feed. I guess you could say it is part of being a blogger.

I like my pictures to be vintage/retro inspired but I also love to modernise it up with today's style's which is a great away to share my #OOTD's and to connect with fashionista's/brands/readers all over the world. Of course that comes with a price and this means editing your photos is the key, so you have to keep up to date with apps as you do not want to get left behind.

Here are some of the apps that I use when I edit my photos before posting them on Instagram.
Before and After
So as you can see the image of myself on the left is the original photo with no filter on it at all and the right one of course is so much brighter. I use two apps, the first is VSCO and all I do is turn up the brightness quite high, it depends on the brightness of the photo. Then this with this photo I actually used an Instagram filter for this one.

Before and After

I only used one filter which this one, I was playing about on Twitter and came across the filter warm and with this photo it looked really nice and thought to myself I did not need to brighten it up as it already looked so much better. I have just come across a very similar one on VSCO whilst writing this post up.

I have recently come across the app Huji and I'm not going to lie I am totally obsessed hence the photos which by the way I had an excuse as I had my hair cut yesterday *insert the monkey covering its eyes emoji*. It is such a a cool app and so many people are using it at the moment. I also feel it adds another dynamic to your feed that you hadn't had before.

Lottie x


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Vintage Favourites

I have been thinking a lot recently about how I have not done a favourite's post in a while and how 2018 is my time shine with Lottie's Lott and how much I want it to be filled with content that you love and enjoy reading. I love doing a favourite's post and over the last couple of weeks I have had chance to pick out a mixture of things I wanted to chat about. So what are we waiting for? Lets get this show on the road.. lets start with the pictures I found from Tumblr, some of my all time pictures and they bring me so much joy. The first one is such a lovely photo of a vintage lady, I love her style of fashion and the way she curls her hair. 

The natural and sophiscated look she is giving. Now the next one has to be a MUST, two reasons.. I love retro cars! I am obsessed and honestly would love to be able a retro car. I love old fashioned mini's and generally any old fashioned car!! The second is the Old Hollywood sign, if you have been following me on here for a while you might have known that I love Old Hollywood, anything I love about the era. I am there so as you can tell I was very happy! The next one with the orange car speaks to itsself! Black and white photos are something that I treasure and love looking through them, I used to do it all the time when my grandparents were alive. It was the best thing looking back at when they were young and seeing their life when they were my age, memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

The last two photos are very much style inspiration, the photo with the loafers and the cute socks are to die for and very retro. How could you not want a pair of loafers in your life? The last one I would say is very modern in how the photo is taken and so many peole have clothing racks these day which is what you see so much on Instagram.

Lottie x

Disclaimer: All photo's in this post were sourced from Tumblr

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