Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Vintage Favourites

I have been thinking a lot recently about how I have not done a favourite's post in a while and how 2018 is my time shine with Lottie's Lott and how much I want it to be filled with content that you love and enjoy reading. I love doing a favourite's post and over the last couple of weeks I have had chance to pick out a mixture of things I wanted to chat about. So what are we waiting for? Lets get this show on the road.. lets start with the pictures I found from Tumblr, some of my all time pictures and they bring me so much joy. The first one is such a lovely photo of a vintage lady, I love her style of fashion and the way she curls her hair. 

The natural and sophiscated look she is giving. Now the next one has to be a MUST, two reasons.. I love retro cars! I am obsessed and honestly would love to be able a retro car. I love old fashioned mini's and generally any old fashioned car!! The second is the Old Hollywood sign, if you have been following me on here for a while you might have known that I love Old Hollywood, anything I love about the era. I am there so as you can tell I was very happy! The next one with the orange car speaks to itsself! Black and white photos are something that I treasure and love looking through them, I used to do it all the time when my grandparents were alive. It was the best thing looking back at when they were young and seeing their life when they were my age, memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

The last two photos are very much style inspiration, the photo with the loafers and the cute socks are to die for and very retro. How could you not want a pair of loafers in your life? The last one I would say is very modern in how the photo is taken and so many peole have clothing racks these day which is what you see so much on Instagram.

Lottie x

Disclaimer: All photo's in this post were sourced from Tumblr


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