Saturday, 16 June 2018

Because Who Doesn't Love Inspiration

Where has the sun gone? Just when I wanted to a summer goal/inspiration post it just seems to have disapeared and now I'm left thinking well should I pick something else but no, let me tell why.. so the past few weeks I have been loving so many fashion related posts that I wanted to do a few of my own and that is what I did! However Lottie's Lott isn't just about fashion, it is about vintage and lifestyle things so why would I not want this post to include these things!! Which got me thinking about the idea of having a huge tumblr scroll and found the most perfect pictures I have seen in a long time! Now if you have not seen one of these posts before, where have you been and what have you missing! So without further or do lets start..

This photo above with the sofa and flowers reminds me of something that my mum and dad would have had growing up. It is very quirky and when I think about it, its very much in fashion now and can you honestly not say you wouldn't want this in your home?

The most beautiful vintage car I have seen!! I love all vintage cars but this one just looks amazing! Why can't people just go around in these cars again, wouldn't you want a guy that you were dating just to pull up outside your house in a car like that? Or is it just me and my obsession with vintage cars..

I need to find thoese parasols.. they are the best!! and remind me of Summer so much.

Yellow is such a popular colour this year for Summer and I am absolutely loving it. Don't get me wrong it doesn't suit everyone and it may not be everyone's first choice but some yellow can look really nice, what do you think?

Lottie x


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