Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Over Thinking

Sometimes I question myself and wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Sometimes I compare myself to other people, mainly people who are bloggers and instagram. Sometimes I sit in my room and wonder what on earth is going on? Sometimes I think will I always be on my own? I honestly hate thinking like that and have to tell myself 'Charlotte, what is wrong? You're instagram is great and so is blog so why are you compairing yourself to others who have more followers than you? I'm just as good as anyone else! I don't like being negative or having negative thoughts, I'm always a positive person. I can hear my brain saying 'pull yourself together Charlotte'.

This year started off with a bang to the point I was still grieving with the loss of my Grandma who died so suddently it was heartbreaking. Anyway I will not say too much about that as I have had mentioned it in a previous blog post but I was just getting the over the fact that in January it was my first birthday with my Grandma and of course that made me sad. Despite feeling sad I knew I had to do something about it and I knew my Grandma and Grandad would want me to enjoy my birthday so thats what I did but it was very odd and all I wanted was Grandma ringing me wishing me 'many happy returns of the day' that she used to do and having a card from both of them. I guess now I can just keep looking back at all of the cards they sent me over the last 25 years. Happy days knowing they are with me every single day and knowing how proud they are.

Over thinking is the worst thing that can happen..right?

Lottie x



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