Sunday, 3 June 2018

Shop Till You Drop

The weekends are the most important part, as my Grandma used to say 'weekends are very precious' and wasn't she right? You look forward to them so much that when they come you want to do as much as you can before it all just comes to an end. This weekend has been very enjoyable to the point where it has been a weekend full of getting my nails done. my brows and shop till I drop. Let me tell you more, so on Saturday I went to John Lewis in Leeds to get my nails done with my mum and sister and got such a lovely surprise *insert smiley face emoji here* when we noticed that Alice (the lovely girl who had been doing are nails since September was back!! She was gone for a couple of months but so happy she is back! Actually made my day.. anyway she did my nails for mr and I love them. Definitely one of my favourites for sure.. they are a such a cute looking peach colour with a little bit of glitz and glam. 

They really do look so pretty and I honestly believe she is the best!! Also about a few months ago she started doing my brows and waxing has made a massive difference to them. Before I used to get them in Fenwick in York where I live and I used to get them threaded but they made them look even thinner and because I have fair and thin brows this was not a good look. So anyway Alice persuaded me to get them waxed and she tints them aswell. So that was Saturday and then ended up having a Pizza Hut takeaway which was tasty. Today its Sunday of course so I have been in town most of the afternoon with my sister and had a late lunch so guess where we went.. Nando's. 

Although I suppose you could say I have actually been swimming this morning which was lovely! Such a good way to finish off to the weekend, wouldnt you say?

Lottie x



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