Sunday, 10 June 2018

When In Doubt, Always Wear Bright Colours

You catch me on a hot sunny sunday evening listening to Bob Marley on the record player whilst beginning to write this post. I often find music helps me when I'm writing, it is always nice to have something upbeat in the background and what better than the man himself Bob. He is star. I have had another break in blogging which did not intend on happening in fact I always like to blog one after the other but my mind when blank and I was sat stewing on what I could blog. I hate that feeling and then you remember you just have to think about why you started writing and what you love about blog and then that's it your mind starts flowing again.

Now let's do this, so last weekend I did a super post about my weekend and it went down a treat so thank you to everyone who read it and showed it so much love. I am forever grateful and you are the reason I do it. Well I was in Topshop and came across this gorgeous jacket - actually it's called a Raw Hem Shacket and in the colour red. I saw it and fell in love with it. It is perfect for Summer when it's not too hot and I paired it up with my Beatles t shirt and high waisted MOTO black jeans. Some people love black but some people like me love colour!

Remember when in doubt, always wear bright colours.

Lottie x



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