Sunday, 22 July 2018

Reflecting On July

Honestly where has this month gone.. the weeks have flown by to the point where I go on holiday a week on Friday (27th) it is very mad and now I am trying to get all the last minute things I need. So many toliteries, euros, clothes that you realise you need, making sure you have enough have bags to put your make up in and toliteries etc. It honestly can be so stressful however I personally say that I managed to tick everything off I have just said today, the day I am writing this post which is Wednesday 18th. Yes go me and quite frankly I feel like it is going to come round so quick and I want everything to be ready so I can pack a week today. Who else is going away this summer? I am rather excited to be jetting off to Crete and it will be my third time too. Also funny story, my grandparents are actually coming too so there will be 6 of us now instead of 4. I am even more looking forard to it as we have never been on holiday with me so it will be quite exciting and they will be wanting to take so many pictures. Whilst I'm away I won't be publishing any more blog posts, the week will be to relax in the sun and enjoy spending time away with the family and won't have to think about work or anything else. I also believe it is very important to have a break of everything whilst your away,, sometimes just not being able to use your phone can be the best thing. Social media can be too much and I really like to not think about Instagram for a little while. So this is the perfect excuse to not use it.

Anyway I also feel this month my instagram feed and has been filled with lots of my outfits and style inspiration which I have been loving. The photo of me above at the very start of this blog post was taken by my favourite work girl last Friday when had a little date night and ended up going to Wagamama's for tea and chatted so much about so many things. At one point we were just in full swing of things we just had no idea what we were going to order.. it was a good night. Here are a few photos below..

Last but not least my new earring collection, I bought all of these from Topshop (in the first picture) and I love them. Some are perfect for work and others are perfect for weekends and most importantly my holiday.

 I also got the next ones from Joy which actually do amazing earrings and the most gorgeous vintage clutch from Bowler Vintage in York where I'm from. Don't you just love it?

Lottie x

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

July Favourites

July Favourites, how quick have you come around? I feel like July has come round so fast, it's that ridiciously. Hands up if you feel the same.. so came up with the most loveliest collection of photos that I have been sitting on my phone for a while now wondering what to do them which made me do this post. The dress above is actually from Zara, SS16 and it is honestly one of my favourite summer dresses. It is actually one that I'm taking to Crete with me and this excites me a lot because its such a pretty flowery dress and its perfect for the very hot days. It is a dress that doesn't seem to go old and I love bringing out old dresses that you can keep wearing until they start to look tired.. don't you?

Next up is another absolute favourite Animal Print Zip Through Top, as soon as I saw this blouse I had to get it. I saw in my local Topshore store but unfortuntely they barely had any sizes left so I ordered a 10 online and it fits great and its such a cool unique top. I've had so many people say to me how much they love it. On this particular day I paired it up with black jeans but I suppose you could wear it with anything.

Moving away from the clothes onto a little bit of redecoration and something that I am very excited to show you. As some of you may have seen on my instagram that I've re done my room, I was lucky enough to have my grandparents furniture after they both died a year after each other and they had this furniture in their home ever since I was born. I absolutely love old furniture and I am truly honoured and blessed to have a piece of them and their home in my bedroom.

At the moment my bedroom isn't finished yet but it is coming along nicely and I even got two new lamps too.

I would say its more like a reading light as it is so bright but I love it and when I'm playing my records its ideal. It also looks so lovely too.

Lottie x

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Ziggy Stardust

I'm offically back after having a week or so without posting any blog posts, I will do another post which explains why I've had a break from Lottie's Lott. It wasn't intentially let me tell you but sometimes life gets in the way. Anyway in this post I wanted to share with you a certain outfit that I pulled out of my wardrobe which I haven't worn since I went to Cyprus back in October. It got me thinking how much I love Summer and at the moment it honestly is the best weather ever that the UK has ever seen! So a year ago when I came across this Bowie Tshirt from Topshop I knew it was the one. I've always loved David Bowie, infact he has a very special place in my heart. He is such an icon, he is so unqiue and his fashion style was out of this world but thats the reason why people like myself fell in love with him. His music, his voice - such a talented man. I honestly was truly deverstated when he passed away, to be honest I think the whole nation was. It was a very sad day for the people who grew up and loved David Bowie. What a fabulous man he was.

I brought this outfit back in January 2017 on my birthday funny enough so I don't think you'll be able to get it anymore but most likely something very similar but I found the most loveliest skirt to go with it and it just looks so well. At the moment I also paired the skirt up with another blouse which I love and also had it for a year or so from Zara.. 

This blouse is perfect for the hot summer days and looks nice with a pair of jeans too. I love having clothes which you keep bringing out year after year and they still look good.

Lottie x


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