Saturday, 25 August 2018

Everybody Loves Somebody #ReflectingOnAugust

I begin this post with Frank Sinatra playing on my phone, infact it was a song which I came cross whilst scrolling through The very best of Jazz album on Itunes. The song is called Everybody loves Somebody it is a very sad song but it is sang beautifully by Frank and actually I have never heard it on any of my Sinatra vinyls yet so I will have to check. I have so many now it really its honestly insane.. my room is full of vinyls and that makes me very happy indeed. Such a lovely start to my monthly reflection posts and this one is very special as it is dedicated to Mrs Messenger who has just got married to the love of her life Kieran. Anyway enough about those love birds for the time being I must focus on this introduction before they reappear. Oops sorry Becks, you are back in the blog! Do you feel like Marilyn yet? I hope so.. hehe.

Now that my holiday is over I can concentrate on my blog again and as it is August I am very aware that I haven't blogged that much this year. It has been a tough year, as quite a lot of you know my grandma passed away in September 2017 it was heartbreaking. I had just started a new job and now I have been there 11 months and so many things have happened there. We have lost people, we  have gained people one of course being Bex or shall we say Mrs Messenger. She is so grown up now,, she is offically a married woman and I am ridiciously happy for her. She deserves it, she is an amazing person with the sweetest heart. You just want to give her hugs all the time.. she is the best. I met Kieran Becky's now husband, he was lovely and they both looked so happy. I am so excited for both of them and their future together. I was over the moon to even be invited to the evening do!! She has a heart of gold and my grandparents would have loved her.

I wore my Tropical Floral Wrap dress from AndOtherStories and it was one of the dresses that I wore on my holiday to Crete. The theme was a 'touch of floral' so it went perfectly. The hoops are also a new favourite of mine and are another holiday purchase from Joy and the necklace my sister bought for my birthday 2 years ago. It is so pretty, it has two small love hearts, one silver and gold. It also feels ages since I since I got back from holiday, I had the most loveliest time away in the hot sun with the family. Then as soon as I got to back to work it was like I hadn't been away. I am almost ready for another holiday, definitely still missing Crete.

Thank you for reading! I do hope August has been a good month for you all. 
Who is ready for the weather to change? 

Lottie x


Sunday, 19 August 2018

My Review Of The Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

This is my review of the Skinkissed vitamin C serum. Firstly, I just want to point out that SkinKissed kindly got into with me and asked if I would be interest in trying this product for them and in return I would share it on my blog. By no means is this a sponsored post, it is just me giving my TRUE thoughts on what I thought about this product.

This product arrived to my house just before I went on holiday so I have had 2 weeks to really try out the serum and actually see what its like on my skin. My skin type is pretty normal - well when I say normal it doesn't get that dry much only when the cold months occur but its not dry to the extent where I have to buy so many different products. I also do not get a lot of spots and I remember once I started getting spots when I started wearing foundation on my face purely because my skin wasn't used to it but that stopped a long time ago and touchwood I haven't had any issues. So I am very lucky with my skin, I do get a bit of redness around my nose occassionally but nothing too much. 

What it claims

'Our serum's fomula is based on anicent beauty ingredients that will nourish, enhance and leave your skin glowing. The ingredients of our Vitamin C Serum are: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, collagen and rose oil.'

'The ingredients used in our Vitamin C Serum have been used for centuries to achieve natural and healthy skin, but it is ony now that we have finally brought all of these unique ingredients into one perfect bottle.'


The serum is packaged in a black bottle with a gold pippette on the top for applying the product. The label on the front displays the name, ingredients, product features, caution, quantity of product and company details. It contains 20ml of product and retails for £29.95.

My first impressions

As I looked at the bottle I noticed that one of the ingredients said it had Collagen and next to it in bold letters said FISH. Now that scared me a bit purely because I did not want to be applying something to my face that smells of fish. I love fish but I certaintly don't want my face smelling of it so I removed the pippette and I was very pleased to say you cannot smell fish at all. In fact it smells of rose water which is a lovely touch. As like any product you choose to purchase it tells you about allergies and this states if you have an allergy see in bold which relates to the FISH.

When the product arrived it came in no box, just in bubble wrap which I thought it was rather disapointing as I was expected the serum to come in a lovely box with some information from Skinkissed maybe saying 'Hi Lottie, thank you for letting us this product to you. Have fun testing' or something like that but nothing. It didn't even tell me how to use the product so I had to go onto their website to find this out!! 

How to use the product is very simple, just follow these steps like  I did:

Beauty - use it twice a day, morning and night after washing your face. It can be used beneath your moistursier, or any follow up step of your skin-care routine.

Make up - Use it as a primer under your foundation, or apply as serum on your brush to blend your makeup.

Skin care - Use it as a treament for oil skin and acne problems by combining it with your other skin treatment routines.

I also found out whilst looking on the website after Skinkissed sent it to me how the product is not tested on animals and how all of their products are 100% free. I think it would be such a great idea to actually have that on the product.

The Verdict

I applied the serum on a morning and night using 3-4 drops to cover my face and neck. I started to notice the results a few days in and my skin felt amazing, it was very soft and left my skin feeling flawless. It made my skin glow throughout the day and also very hydrated too and it was a great feeling. The bottle itself is perfect for traveling as it is so small and you also don't waste any product either.

The only negatives I would say is I found the product very sticky and runny. If I was applying it in thr morning as a primer I would use 3 little drops on my face just saw its not too sticky before you start applying your make up. On a night I used 4 drops on my face and neck which I actually could of used 3 instead purely because of the stickyness. Having said that I am very happy with the results as I was worried I would get break outs and skin irratation but no touchwood everything is good.

Here is a photo of my face after using the serum.

Have any of you tried this product? If so, what did you think? I would love to know.

Lottie x

*This product was kindly sent to me by the Skinkissed Team. All my opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored.*


Saturday, 11 August 2018

Some Things To Smile About

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous summer weather, I know I am hehe. I wanted to share with you a little catch up on what has been going on and a chance to share a few photos I have been loving recently on my Instagram.

You may bave seen that I have been redecorating my room and I'm pretty happy with it so far. It is not finished yet as there is a lots of gaps on the walls I want to fill with lots of pictures which means anything vintage and quirky. I just haven't found anything yet that I fancy.. infact Helen from work menioned about getting a picture of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's which would be fab. I am torn between something like that and The Beatles. But apart from that I came across a lovely copper style lamp in Next which I fell in love with and it comes with a huge lightbulb which is very bright, it is like a reading light and is so handy for me when I'm playing my records. On the same day as I was buying the lamp, I went into Filmore and Union cafe which they have in John Lewis in York and it was lovely. I had a cheese and tomato toasted sandwhich with salad. It was lovely and very tasty! I also tried a Vegan muffin, I am not Vegan but I just wanted to try it and it looked very good too. It was very different to an ordinary muffin, it was very dry and I think that is why they serve the muffins with compot which was a lovely touch. but not something I could eat everyday. 

Something I have been loving the past few weeks just before I went on holiday was the app called Unfold. It gives you the privlege of making your photos just look even more incredible by all the different effects that you choose. Here is just two which I love. Both are holiday pictures, feelng the holiday blues!!

Lottie x


Saturday, 4 August 2018

A Greek Adventure I Photo Diary 2018

Hello you wonderful lot! I have just arrived back home in York however my heart is still in Crete but I wanted to share with you a little visual diary of my trip to Crete.

We stayed at Aquila Rithymna Beach in the beautiful town of Rethymon in Crete. Infact we have been there 3 years now.. because we love it so much! 


Lottie x

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