Saturday, 25 August 2018

Everybody Loves Somebody #ReflectingOnAugust

I begin this post with Frank Sinatra playing on my phone, infact it was a song which I came cross whilst scrolling through The very best of Jazz album on Itunes. The song is called Everybody loves Somebody it is a very sad song but it is sang beautifully by Frank and actually I have never heard it on any of my Sinatra vinyls yet so I will have to check. I have so many now it really its honestly insane.. my room is full of vinyls and that makes me very happy indeed. Such a lovely start to my monthly reflection posts and this one is very special as it is dedicated to Mrs Messenger who has just got married to the love of her life Kieran. Anyway enough about those love birds for the time being I must focus on this introduction before they reappear. Oops sorry Becks, you are back in the blog! Do you feel like Marilyn yet? I hope so.. hehe.

Now that my holiday is over I can concentrate on my blog again and as it is August I am very aware that I haven't blogged that much this year. It has been a tough year, as quite a lot of you know my grandma passed away in September 2017 it was heartbreaking. I had just started a new job and now I have been there 11 months and so many things have happened there. We have lost people, we  have gained people one of course being Bex or shall we say Mrs Messenger. She is so grown up now,, she is offically a married woman and I am ridiciously happy for her. She deserves it, she is an amazing person with the sweetest heart. You just want to give her hugs all the time.. she is the best. I met Kieran Becky's now husband, he was lovely and they both looked so happy. I am so excited for both of them and their future together. I was over the moon to even be invited to the evening do!! She has a heart of gold and my grandparents would have loved her.

I wore my Tropical Floral Wrap dress from AndOtherStories and it was one of the dresses that I wore on my holiday to Crete. The theme was a 'touch of floral' so it went perfectly. The hoops are also a new favourite of mine and are another holiday purchase from Joy and the necklace my sister bought for my birthday 2 years ago. It is so pretty, it has two small love hearts, one silver and gold. It also feels ages since I since I got back from holiday, I had the most loveliest time away in the hot sun with the family. Then as soon as I got to back to work it was like I hadn't been away. I am almost ready for another holiday, definitely still missing Crete.

Thank you for reading! I do hope August has been a good month for you all. 
Who is ready for the weather to change? 

Lottie x


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