Sunday, 30 September 2018

Reflecting on September

We are finally back with a reflecting on the month post, it actually has been a couple of months since I have done one and it only occured to me so I thought 'lets get back into the game lottie'. I love this time of the year as the weather is changing, you start bringing out the knits, the nights get darker quicker and Christnas is coming. I haven't thought about Christmas yet.. takes me a while to get into the Christmas spirit but once Halloween and Bonfire Night is finished its all about Christmas. Now that both my grandparents are here anymore Christmas is a weird time for the family and I start thinking about how much they loved this time of year.. one because it was their birthday month in Septemember and my sister shared the same birthday as my grandad so when we were younger everyone would come round to my grandparents for birthday tea - happy memories. Christmas was a time where we would all get together at my Auntie's on the evening it was great.

September was the year that I was reflecting on 12 months without my Grandma and I did a blog post that was published on her birthday and the day she also passed away. It went down so well and got some many people that reacted to it on Blog Lovin' which was so lovely to see. The sweetest comment was from Georgia and how she said my grandma would have been so proud! We visited the crem where my Grandma and Grandad's ashes are buired together and it was the first time I had been to see them. It was a sad time and it is the weirdest feeling going back to the place where both of their funerals were.

The past week at the gym I have been pushing myself harder on the running machine and I actually have been really enjoying it and feeling so much better. I know the gym isn't for everyone and didn't realise how much I love going until looking back. I used to hate the idea of people looking at you but then I figured out that thats actually not true and everyone does their own thing so its okay. I like to push myself everytime I go and it is such a great way to motivate yourself too.

And today as I write this on Sunday 30th September I went to a lovely All Gluten Free restaurant called 2 Oxford Place - they have one in Leeds but also have one in York too. We went with my grandparents (my grandad and sister both have coeliac diease so they can't eat anything with gluten in it.) I must say the food was delicious and tasted the same, I had a breakfast with sausages, tomatoes, mushroom, beans, eggs and toast it was lovely. Then got myself a brownie with clotted cream.. yum yum yum!!

Lottie x


Tuesday, 25 September 2018

My 200th Post

I cannot believe that I am writing this but here is a blog post that I never dreamed of writing, nor did I did it would ever happen but today I have made it to my 200th blog post. It is amazing to think that I started this blog in February 2015 having no idea how much I would enjoy creating content for you all to read. Lottie's Lott was focused on Old Hollywood and fashion and whilst that is still a massive thing that I adore it has become a blog filled with vintage, fashion and lifestyle. As that progressed the love of the 1960s came about when I did various blog posts and then realised how much I loved it. The style, the icons .. everything!! I suppose now I couldn't imagine my blog without having the 1960s era featured in it. As my love developed so did my Instagram. Instagram was so much easy back then and now I feel it is so much harder, more time consuming now. 

I had such a great opportunity working with SkinKissed on their Vitamin C Serum and it was amazing being able to try out their product. I honestly felt I had gone up in the world of blogging and I couldn't believe how many people loved it. The layout of Lottie's Lott has changed a lot since 2015 and I was able to start making my blog into my own rather than using the blogger templates and really making it something to be proud of. I am actually in the process of making changes to my layout  which is quite exciting and I have just started uploading a couple of video's on IGTV. I want to start doing haul videos on there or make up tutorials. I actaully filmed a mini lush haul the other day but didn't upload it in the end. Maybe YouTube? We'll see how it goes but YouTube is scary as you have to post the right content and you have to be arty / creative with your video's so we will see how it plans out.

Over the blogging years my posts have got better, my views certainly have and my followers on Instagram have increased a ridciously amount and it truly is amazing. I was never bothered about having lots of followers, I was just bothered about making a blog that I liked and for others to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who has read Lottie's Lott so far!!

Lets see where we go!

Lottie x


Friday, 21 September 2018

On Days Like These

Questi gioni quando vieni il belle sole
La la la la la-la-la la la la la

On days like these when skies are blue and fields are green

I look around and think about what might have been

And then I hear sweet music float around my head

As I recall the many things we left unsaid
It's on days like these that I remember
Singing songs and drinking wine
While your eyes played games with mine

Today Friday 21st September) marks the day that my wonderful Grandma was taken from us. 12 months have passed so fast, it feels like yesterday when we taking my Grandma back and forth from the doctors and hospital to then spending the last days with her before her body couldn't hold on anymore. It was the most heartbreaking time and if she knew what was going on she would not have believed that she passed away on her 86th birthday! I remember that day like it was yesterday and it makes me so sad to think that she is no longer with us but happy that she is with my grandad. Loosing your grandparents is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through, they were my everything and everything I do is for them. They were the greatest people in our family and we miss them both so much, words cannot express how much we would love to see them again, say hi, give them a hug and tell them how much we love them, to be able to hold and see them one more time. We would give anything for that. I mean wouldn't you if it was somone who you loved and cared for? That goes without saying doesn't it.

I had planned to this start writing this post in September 'the birthday month' but that didn't happen for many reasons, I tried to write and it made me sad. So I thought maybe next year I'll right something but just now the day before I picked up my laptop and said to myself I was going to be brave, I put Matt Monr on my phone 'On Days Like These' are starting reminscing to the days the three of us (myself, grandma and grandad) would be watching The Italian Job and my grandad would be singing away and we would be smiling away and oh and my grandma miming because she couldn't sing! My grandad was the singer!

I could write a whole story about my Grandma but I'll leave that for another day but here is too my wonderful Grandma; Betty Hall (although she had many nicknames Bet, Betina, Mrs Hole all of them that my Grandad would call her) who rocked this world for 86 years being the most amazing mother, wife, friend and grandmother you could possibly ever want and need! Like my grandma and grandad would say 'they have had their time and now it's time to pass the batton on'.

Also the song 'On Days Like These' was my grandma's song. She loved Matt Monro.

Betty Hall
21.9.31 - 21.9.17

I love you forever Grandma Betty.

One day I'll tell my own children how amazing you were and lucky I was to have you in my life.




Sunday, 16 September 2018

Transitioning Into Auturmn

I love this kind of weather, it is definitely is my favourite time of the year. September and October are the months wear you are wearing oversized jumpers and scarfs and constantly drinking warm drinks. I love layering my clothes and at the weekend I was meeting my friend from work and for some reason I took ages to decide what to wear. I picked up a jumper I hadn't wore in a year and I had forgotten how much I loved it. It's super lightweight and perfect for September. I find September can be an overwhelming month as you don't really know what you want to wear. The picture below was taken a few days before but I wore the same oufit, I couldn't decide what to wear and decided on this.

In the end it worked out pretty well in the end but here are mine and Bex's events from yesterday. We went to Wagamama for a lovely late lunch and honestly had a feast! I always have the same when I go but I love ramen so much and it is the only time I have it.

The food is so fresh and actually when you think about it there wasn't a lot of food there!
 It is so tasty and there is food for everyone. 

I also bought some new earrings I also have wanted thick hoops and found some in Topshop which I was very happy about. I feel they give 60's vibes and I love it.

Lottie x



Sunday, 9 September 2018

My Favourite Things

I wanted to sit down and share some images that I've had for a while now. I guess you could its a montage of things I have been loving and not every photo makes it onto Instagram. I guess I am a perfectionist, a critic in my own social media ways. I like to improve my feed more and find lots of inspiration looking back at old feeds/old photos and old blog posts. 

I get inspiration from lots of people's feeds/blogs and video's it is use interesting to see what you take a way and make something your own. 

I start by posting about Stevie Nicks, this picture was taken in 1975. I love Stevie but I have never mentioned her really in my blog. I suppose you could say it was the same with George Harrison until I realised how much I adored him and then he became featured in so many of my 60's posts.

As you will know I love black and white photos like this, you honestly cannot beat them. 
Stevue and George - he was my favourite beatle.

One of my favourite photos of Paul and John. I have always loved these too and I am huge Paul McCartney and John Lennon fan. How can you not want to play their music every day?

Drew Barrymore - one of my favourite 90s icons.

I love everything about the 1960s. It was a year filled with amazing prints, the year of The Beatles/ The Rolling Stones and the coolest kind of clothes I would have loved to wear.

My Norma Jeane, my absolute queen. My love.

Last but not least my wonderful grandparents, my sister and I when I was little. This photo I came across the other week whilst looking through photos that belonged to my grandma and grandad. This was one and looking at it makes me think it was taken on a Friday. Growing up we always went to tea after school on a Friday night and grandma and grandad would cook up a feast. There is also a photo of my favourite doll I named her Sophie and she was a baby born. I loved her and still have somewhere in the loft. I miss these too and this photo makes me so happy and sat at the same time.

Lottie x

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

A Whole Lot Of Monthly Favourites

I love these kind of monthly favourite posts and something I haven't done in a while. I want to start off with a make up brand I absolutely adore and that is the American brand Too Faced Cosemtics. I first found out about Too Faced make up brand by watching a youtube video and someone mentioned about Too Faced products and I then became obsessed with them. I bought the Peach Glow Pallette, the  primmed  two of the Sweet Peach creamy peach lip gloss in Papa Don't Peach and Peach Please and last but not least the Better Sex Mascara (Waterproof).

I absolutely loved all of them. The Peach Glow Palette is amazing and has a highlight, blush and bronzer and it was such a great palette to take away on holiday. The highlight was amazing you barely had to put any on and it left a shine to your face. The primer which I 100% recommend was amazing and left my face smelling of peach. It also made my makeup stay on and I would purchase them again. Both lip glosses were two of the best I have ever used. I was very impressed by how much I loved the colours and the lovely texture. It was so creamy and matte but it never left my lips feeling dry. 

Now the mascara I had heard about so many times and I thought 'do you know what I am going to try it out'. I always use Benefit's Real Mascara but when I tried Better Sex I loved it, it is waterproof which is a very good thing. The brush is perfect and not too thin, it is very similar to Benefit. 

Finding the right product/s for your skin can be so tricky and you can spend so much or little trying to find the perfect product for your face. I tried Liz Earle and don't get me wrong I did like it but it wasn't right for my skin. I then came across the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm which is pretty expensive but like all things you have to try it out. My sister uses the cleaning balm and she was the one that got me to buy it. The best thing about the balm is when you take your makeup with it it leaves you skin feeling so fresh and glowy. It really is worth the money. 

Last but not least my nails - I have had so many compliments from people about my nails and I just want to thank Alice again from John Lewis Beauty. We tried out a colour that I had never had before/ a colour that we weren't sure about until I she painted them and they looked great.

Thats it another monthly favourites done and dusted.. how quick is this year going?

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it!

Lottie x

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