Wednesday, 5 September 2018

A Whole Lot Of Monthly Favourites

I love these kind of monthly favourite posts and something I haven't done in a while. I want to start off with a make up brand I absolutely adore and that is the American brand Too Faced Cosemtics. I first found out about Too Faced make up brand by watching a youtube video and someone mentioned about Too Faced products and I then became obsessed with them. I bought the Peach Glow Pallette, the  primmed  two of the Sweet Peach creamy peach lip gloss in Papa Don't Peach and Peach Please and last but not least the Better Sex Mascara (Waterproof).

I absolutely loved all of them. The Peach Glow Palette is amazing and has a highlight, blush and bronzer and it was such a great palette to take away on holiday. The highlight was amazing you barely had to put any on and it left a shine to your face. The primer which I 100% recommend was amazing and left my face smelling of peach. It also made my makeup stay on and I would purchase them again. Both lip glosses were two of the best I have ever used. I was very impressed by how much I loved the colours and the lovely texture. It was so creamy and matte but it never left my lips feeling dry. 

Now the mascara I had heard about so many times and I thought 'do you know what I am going to try it out'. I always use Benefit's Real Mascara but when I tried Better Sex I loved it, it is waterproof which is a very good thing. The brush is perfect and not too thin, it is very similar to Benefit. 

Finding the right product/s for your skin can be so tricky and you can spend so much or little trying to find the perfect product for your face. I tried Liz Earle and don't get me wrong I did like it but it wasn't right for my skin. I then came across the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm which is pretty expensive but like all things you have to try it out. My sister uses the cleaning balm and she was the one that got me to buy it. The best thing about the balm is when you take your makeup with it it leaves you skin feeling so fresh and glowy. It really is worth the money. 

Last but not least my nails - I have had so many compliments from people about my nails and I just want to thank Alice again from John Lewis Beauty. We tried out a colour that I had never had before/ a colour that we weren't sure about until I she painted them and they looked great.

Thats it another monthly favourites done and dusted.. how quick is this year going?

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it!

Lottie x


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