Tuesday, 25 September 2018

My 200th Post

I cannot believe that I am writing this but here is a blog post that I never dreamed of writing, nor did I did it would ever happen but today I have made it to my 200th blog post. It is amazing to think that I started this blog in February 2015 having no idea how much I would enjoy creating content for you all to read. Lottie's Lott was focused on Old Hollywood and fashion and whilst that is still a massive thing that I adore it has become a blog filled with vintage, fashion and lifestyle. As that progressed the love of the 1960s came about when I did various blog posts and then realised how much I loved it. The style, the icons .. everything!! I suppose now I couldn't imagine my blog without having the 1960s era featured in it. As my love developed so did my Instagram. Instagram was so much easy back then and now I feel it is so much harder, more time consuming now. 

I had such a great opportunity working with SkinKissed on their Vitamin C Serum and it was amazing being able to try out their product. I honestly felt I had gone up in the world of blogging and I couldn't believe how many people loved it. The layout of Lottie's Lott has changed a lot since 2015 and I was able to start making my blog into my own rather than using the blogger templates and really making it something to be proud of. I am actually in the process of making changes to my layout  which is quite exciting and I have just started uploading a couple of video's on IGTV. I want to start doing haul videos on there or make up tutorials. I actaully filmed a mini lush haul the other day but didn't upload it in the end. Maybe YouTube? We'll see how it goes but YouTube is scary as you have to post the right content and you have to be arty / creative with your video's so we will see how it plans out.

Over the blogging years my posts have got better, my views certainly have and my followers on Instagram have increased a ridciously amount and it truly is amazing. I was never bothered about having lots of followers, I was just bothered about making a blog that I liked and for others to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who has read Lottie's Lott so far!!

Lets see where we go!

Lottie x


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