Sunday, 9 September 2018

My Favourite Things

I wanted to sit down and share some images that I've had for a while now. I guess you could its a montage of things I have been loving and not every photo makes it onto Instagram. I guess I am a perfectionist, a critic in my own social media ways. I like to improve my feed more and find lots of inspiration looking back at old feeds/old photos and old blog posts. 

I get inspiration from lots of people's feeds/blogs and video's it is use interesting to see what you take a way and make something your own. 

I start by posting about Stevie Nicks, this picture was taken in 1975. I love Stevie but I have never mentioned her really in my blog. I suppose you could say it was the same with George Harrison until I realised how much I adored him and then he became featured in so many of my 60's posts.

As you will know I love black and white photos like this, you honestly cannot beat them. 
Stevue and George - he was my favourite beatle.

One of my favourite photos of Paul and John. I have always loved these too and I am huge Paul McCartney and John Lennon fan. How can you not want to play their music every day?

Drew Barrymore - one of my favourite 90s icons.

I love everything about the 1960s. It was a year filled with amazing prints, the year of The Beatles/ The Rolling Stones and the coolest kind of clothes I would have loved to wear.

My Norma Jeane, my absolute queen. My love.

Last but not least my wonderful grandparents, my sister and I when I was little. This photo I came across the other week whilst looking through photos that belonged to my grandma and grandad. This was one and looking at it makes me think it was taken on a Friday. Growing up we always went to tea after school on a Friday night and grandma and grandad would cook up a feast. There is also a photo of my favourite doll I named her Sophie and she was a baby born. I loved her and still have somewhere in the loft. I miss these too and this photo makes me so happy and sat at the same time.

Lottie x

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