Sunday, 30 September 2018

Reflecting on September

We are finally back with a reflecting on the month post, it actually has been a couple of months since I have done one and it only occured to me so I thought 'lets get back into the game lottie'. I love this time of the year as the weather is changing, you start bringing out the knits, the nights get darker quicker and Christnas is coming. I haven't thought about Christmas yet.. takes me a while to get into the Christmas spirit but once Halloween and Bonfire Night is finished its all about Christmas. Now that both my grandparents are here anymore Christmas is a weird time for the family and I start thinking about how much they loved this time of year.. one because it was their birthday month in Septemember and my sister shared the same birthday as my grandad so when we were younger everyone would come round to my grandparents for birthday tea - happy memories. Christmas was a time where we would all get together at my Auntie's on the evening it was great.

September was the year that I was reflecting on 12 months without my Grandma and I did a blog post that was published on her birthday and the day she also passed away. It went down so well and got some many people that reacted to it on Blog Lovin' which was so lovely to see. The sweetest comment was from Georgia and how she said my grandma would have been so proud! We visited the crem where my Grandma and Grandad's ashes are buired together and it was the first time I had been to see them. It was a sad time and it is the weirdest feeling going back to the place where both of their funerals were.

The past week at the gym I have been pushing myself harder on the running machine and I actually have been really enjoying it and feeling so much better. I know the gym isn't for everyone and didn't realise how much I love going until looking back. I used to hate the idea of people looking at you but then I figured out that thats actually not true and everyone does their own thing so its okay. I like to push myself everytime I go and it is such a great way to motivate yourself too.

And today as I write this on Sunday 30th September I went to a lovely All Gluten Free restaurant called 2 Oxford Place - they have one in Leeds but also have one in York too. We went with my grandparents (my grandad and sister both have coeliac diease so they can't eat anything with gluten in it.) I must say the food was delicious and tasted the same, I had a breakfast with sausages, tomatoes, mushroom, beans, eggs and toast it was lovely. Then got myself a brownie with clotted cream.. yum yum yum!!

Lottie x


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