Sunday, 16 September 2018

Transitioning Into Auturmn

I love this kind of weather, it is definitely is my favourite time of the year. September and October are the months wear you are wearing oversized jumpers and scarfs and constantly drinking warm drinks. I love layering my clothes and at the weekend I was meeting my friend from work and for some reason I took ages to decide what to wear. I picked up a jumper I hadn't wore in a year and I had forgotten how much I loved it. It's super lightweight and perfect for September. I find September can be an overwhelming month as you don't really know what you want to wear. The picture below was taken a few days before but I wore the same oufit, I couldn't decide what to wear and decided on this.

In the end it worked out pretty well in the end but here are mine and Bex's events from yesterday. We went to Wagamama for a lovely late lunch and honestly had a feast! I always have the same when I go but I love ramen so much and it is the only time I have it.

The food is so fresh and actually when you think about it there wasn't a lot of food there!
 It is so tasty and there is food for everyone. 

I also bought some new earrings I also have wanted thick hoops and found some in Topshop which I was very happy about. I feel they give 60's vibes and I love it.

Lottie x



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