Monday, 29 October 2018

Reflecting on October

Another month has nearly past and I cannot believe it is November this week. The day I'm writing this is Monday 29th October and I am off for the week and it is the best feeling ever. I have not been off since I went away to Crete in July so I needed a week of no work, no stress and most importantly time to chill out. It was my grandad Tenny's 2 year anniversary seen he passed away and he died on the Friday so all weekend I have been feeling very sad, hence my instagram post and how much I have been playing Frank Sinatra all weekend on my record player. I was going to do a post but I already did one of my Grandma a month ago which features both of them and I also did a blog post 2 years ago called 'Keep Smiling' when I lost my grandad. There are so many words, so many emotions that I feel at the moment and it all seems to be in the 'Keep Smiling' post. I know my grandad and grandma are always looking down us, sending us love, telling us to keep smiling and always being there. Both of them are my inspiration and now everything I do I want to make them proud. I know they will be though, their whole world was involved around my mum, my uncles, and now the six of us. There isn't a day that goes by when I wish I could give them a call, tell them how much I love and miss them and give them the biggest hug. They are memories which I will always treasure, the videos, the photographs. I love them both so much. T.B.T.B.TB (Tenny, Betty) 

One of my closest work girlies is leaving next week and I am so happy for her and her new life in London but I will miss her a lot, quite a lot actually. she hasn't been with us that long but I am super glad that I got chance to meet her. Of course she can't get rid of me that easy haha *insert winkey face* but I know she will meet new friends, new people and it will be a great. I will be very sad next Tuesday.

Whilst I'm off this week I am planning on blogging more and I want to try and upload more rather than I would be doing. Work is so busy and I never get the chance to upload during the week, my shifts are all different and when I do get home, all I want to do is get a bath and watch Netflix. Then I end up going to bed, the joys of working at a doctors surgery. I recently did a blog post about my
 Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette Review which you all seemed to love, so thank you. I do have lots of vintage posts coming up.

What are your plans for Halloween? I personally aren't a great lover of halloween. I don't really like dressing up but I love to see people on social media and what sort of look they go for.

Lottie x

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