Tuesday, 27 November 2018

November Playlist

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, no matter how you are spending it! I have been listening a lot to the Beatles again, some tunes that I haven't really heard before and others which I have played on my record player a thousand times but this got me thinking, why not do a playlist and show you all the music I have been listening too. I listen to music every single day, whether thats going to work, coming home, on a weekend, you name it I always have music on. I guess you could say its my happy place and this is why I came up with the idea of creating a playlist of my favourite songs that I have been loving this month.

The first song I came across is called April in Paris by Dean Martin. I love Dean Martin and I just happened to click on it and all of a sudden I could hear my Grandad's voice and it just sounded like he used to sing. Af first, it made me cry and I couldn't listen to it and I have just downloaded it and I love it. It brings happy tears. If you love old songs then you will definitely love this one. 

April in Paris,
Chestnuts in blossom,

Holiday tables,

Under the trees.

April in Paris,
This is a feeling,

No one can ever reprise.

Next up is a Beatles song which I didnt know exsisted until I started playing the Yellow Submarine vinyl and heard the song 'Hey Bulldog' and now cannot stop listening to it. Infact the entire vinyl has some amazing songs on. I love all The Beatles albums, some people have their favourites but I find them all unique in their own way. The SGT Pepper Album has a special place in my heart as that the first Beatles Album I bought on CD.

Another song which I have been loving is Killer Queen by the one and only Queen of course and Somebody To Love. I can just listen to these songs all over again.

Lottie x


Sunday, 25 November 2018

A November Favourites Photo Diary

I am writing this blog post on a Wednesday afternoon, its cold outside, the weather has completely changed and winter is well and truly here. How is that possible? How is it nearly December? Well lets not go into that right now but honestly the week's are flying by and soon it will be Christmas and 2018 will be over. How has this year flown by so fast, where is the time going? Anyway whilst we are still trying to get our heads around that, I was scrolling through tumblr the other day and came across the most perfect pictures and wanted to share them on here with you guys. I love them and they give me the greatest of vibes and of course how could I not share a photo of Amy Winehouse, she is such a sweetheart and one of my favourite singers, idols you name it. I love Amy and why wouldn't I not feature her on the blog. Also the photo of Amy I found is before she had tattoos. It has to be one of my all time favourite photo's of her. 

Someone who I have been loving for a while is Winona Ryder, she is someone who people look up too very much like Amy. Her style when she was younger is amazing and people love her for it, not only her fashion sense but the fact she is a great actress and I love her in Stranger Things.

As for the rest, here is a photo diary above of a few of my favourite images that I am loving at the moment. It was very hard to choose as there was so much I loved but please keep an eye out on my Instagram as a few of them will be featured on there too. 

Lottie x

*All photos above were sourced from Tumblr*


Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation and Mattifying Loose Setting Powder Review

Hello you wonderful lot, today I wanted to chat to you about a foundation that I have just bought aswell as the mattifying powder from Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection.  As you may know by now I have tried quite a few of them and I was looking to try out the Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation as I bought the primer during the summer and was really impressed with it so I wanted to do a little review just to see how I thought about the foundation and the mattifying powder aswell.


The transfer-resistant medium coverage foundation creates a smooth canvas for flawless, comfortable matte wear using  exclusive comfort matte technology that is never cakey or mask-like.

14-hour, photo-friendly wear
Smooths for a flawless finish
Infused with Ecclusive Comfort Matte Technology
Smells like Peach and Sweet Fig Milk

I bought the foundation online but I had spent so many hours looking at the different kind of shades on the Too Faced website and I decided to buy the lightest shade in the Peach Perfect Foundation called Snow. The shade snow is for very fair skintones and for rosy undertones and matches my skin perfectly. There are 12 shades available in the Peach Perfect foundation range. Too Faced do recommend applying the foundation with a sponge or using a makeup brush, I tried out both of these and I feel like the coverage works well on both for me as I don't want a full coverage, I prefer to have a light, medium coverage as my skin is very fair, I have normal skin but this foundation is supposed to be great for ladies that suffer with oily skin so I would check it out. I also watched quite a lot of Youtubers who review this foundation who also had oily skin and they loved it.

The foundation is easy to blend in, leaves your skin with a very matte finish, it smells devine of peaches and sweet fig however the smell isn't too strong. The foundation comes in the same kind of design as the Peach Perfect Primer and comes with a pump which is very easy to use The foundation also retails at £27.00. I used about a 3/4 pumps of foundation onto my face and used to the sponge first on one side just to see what it was like and then used the brush on the other side of my face and I liked both but I prefer to use a make up brush to apply my foundation rather than a sponge..

Too Faced packaging always seems to be the best and they always get it right! I love the packaging always stands out and I must say it always looks very pretty!


Universal peach-tinted powder which works to brighten your skin and create a silky smooth matte canvas.

Modern, comfort matte fornula
Feather-light, universal peach tint
14 hour wear
Oil and shine free
Great for under the eye baking.

This product is formulated without Gluten and Parabens and is cruelty free.

The powder is very well designed, it has the same packaging as the foundation/primer does and has peach perfect on the lid with a cute apple. When you take the lid off the powder, you notice the powder has a clear lid/filter so the powder doesn't go everywhere which I think is a great idea. All you do is shake the product onto the lid (you only need a tiny bit) and boom you are away! The powder smells devine, it is very very sweet which I love and has a strong smell of peaches and sweet fig cream. I found the powder is very light and as soon as you apply the powder onto your foundation it makes your skin feel so soft. No wonder Too Faced say it is also great for blending. The powder retails for £20 which is a great price as you get so much product in and it will last you a long time!

I actually used a sponge to apply the powder which works so much better and as you can get the product right into the corners of your face. Because the powder is loose I find it easier to use the sponge rather than a makeup brush as the powder can be quite messy but apart from that I would recommend both of these products to you all.
Lottie x

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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Reflecting On November

Hello November, where have you come from? I honestly think this year has gone so fast and now we have nearly half way through November. This is a rather scary thought that Christmas is just round the corner and everywhere you go now it is all about Christmas. I do love this time of the year and it is great when your little and you get excited about Father Christmas coming down the chimey bringing you lots of presents, it honestly is such an exciting time for children and I had such a fabulous time growing up and waking up on Christnas Day wondering what Father Christmas had got me and my sister. Happy memories which will stay with me forever but now its nice to enjoy being with your family and friends and thinking of those people who perhaps aren't with us anymore such as my Grandma and Grandad. They both used to loved Christmas and it is upsetting to think they won't be with us but I know they will be there having a whisky and sherry just like they used too wishing they were with us and sending us love as always. Anyway enough about Christmas for now, I wanted to chat about November so far and how it is going so here we go. 

Novemember so far is going okay, work is work and at the moment everyone is leaving. Bex has gone and has just moved to London to start her new life down there which is very exciting and so happy for her. I hopefully will get to see her when she is all settled in!! Fingers crossed. The thing about working at a doctors surgery is you need staff and if you don't have staff you cannot fully give your patients a service that they need especially when your a student practice. Enough about that but lets hope soon we get more staff, not sure when but lets keep those fingers crossed shall we!

I must say the blog has been doing really well recently and you lovely people seem to be enjoying the posts and that is wonderful to hear and makes me very happy. I enjoy looking back at old content and seeing what I can improve on and make changes. I also just like looking back at what has been going on. This is one of the reasons why I created Lottie's Lott and why nearly 4 years later why I still enjoy what I do even more.

Lottie x

Just because, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody was incredible and now I am obessed with these men.


Sunday, 11 November 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

It has been a little while since I have done anything beauty related so I thought this would be a good point to create this post. I have been wanting to get some new foundation for a while and I was looking at Charlotte Tilbury's website the other week when I was off and was thinking 'I really fancy some of her foundation. I have heard good things about so why not and if I don't like it I can always keep wearing my lightweight Mac Cosemetics foundation. So I ordered Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation along with her concealer and a few days later they arrived at my house.


The foundation is collagen-boosting, reducing the appearance of age spots by 75% in just 4 months and the appearance of acne just after 9 weeks!

77% of women agree it gives them perfect-looking skin and 83% would reccommend to a friend!

The foundation is ideal for flawless, poreless coverage, especially if you struggle with melasma, achne or rosacea.


I was very excited with the foundation and concealer arrived, when you opened the box  the products were all wrapped up in purple tissue paper with a little Charlotte Tilbury sticker. I was very impressed by the packaging and the look of both products. Bascially this is why you pay so much for them as they are very good quality with great packaging so how can you go wrong!

After trying the foundation I realised it was a lot darker than I expected which was very disapointing however I wore it a couple of times but it was not right. I got the shade 3 which is Fair/Pale and I thought this would be perfect for me but I realised because I am very fair I would have to get the lightest shade of them all which I will get eventually but I will wait a little bit before getting it. It is a real shame as the foundation is easy to apply, leaves your skin looking flawless, not cakey and makes your skin look great! The Magic Concealer I bought is also the shame shade as the founfation but that applies on great and really does cover up your pores but it still just looks too dark.

Next time I will have to get the lightest shade that Charlotte Tilbury does for both the foundation and concealer. I was actually thinking about mixing the foundation in with my Mac foundation just to see if that works as I do not want to waste it but yes I will be repurchasing the lighter foundation very soon. If you are looking to buy the foundation I would either go into a store and have a look at the counter if you are unsure about your shade just to make sure especially if you are pale like me as it can be hard and what looks like pale on the website can be very different when you actually try the product yourself.

Lottie x

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Wild In The 70s

My week off has ended and let me tell you it was great. I bascially didn't really do a lot apart from eating out, having coffee, going to see the cinema, buying clothes and having brunch. I mean what more could you want? I also got my friend a leaving present and a cute little card all about gin (its okay she will see it after this goes up) and the most prettiest broche and compact you ever did see as she is moving to London with her husband and starting a new life down there. It is honestly so exciting and so happy for them both but oh my gosh I will miss her, work will not be the same. What will I do without my Bex?! I won't have time to think as you never get a moment to breathe at work but yes excited to here about her new adventures. P.S she better not get a new work wife otherwise there will be issues (joking of course) haha. 

Anyway I aren't too sure if you are aware but the 70s called the other day, you know I was just walking round town when they called and wanted me to buy the prettiest flowery shirt ever. The best part was it was 18 pounds and it was such a bargain. I also bought one very similar both from Bowler Vintage in York. I mean the detailing on the shirt is great, I love the the collar so much and I also love how cute the flowers are and not forgetting the white buttons of course.

This is the blue shirt, very similar as the shirt buttons up the top with the most amazing collar ever. Yes I am feeling the 1970s vibes aren't you? I love this shirt just as much as the other one. Both shirts are both vintage but you could definitely get something very similar. 

Lottie x


Sunday, 4 November 2018

From Grace Kelly To Jackie Kennedy

In my opinion Mad Men is one of the greatest TV shows ever and I honestly cannot stop watching it. I'm on season six at the moment so I'm nearly at the end but on that note I wanted to do a blog post featuring the one and only Betty Draper/Francis. I mean her style is flawless and throughout the show is she one of the characters who's style barely changes. So when we first meet Betty, she is a very pale and very fresh-faced housewife, doesn't wear a lot of make up but looks very beautiful. Not surprisingly Don took a fancy to her as she was a young model when they met. In the show she is portrayed as the spitting image of Grace Kelly and gets a cast in Coco-cola ad as a Grace Kelly's lookalike. Can you imagine January Jones playing Betty, it must have been amazing.

Below are just a few of my favourite pictures of Betty's outfits that she wore.

Something I picked up whilst watching Mad Men is that Betty wears lots of pale colours such as blues, lavender, baby pinks and white. She usually wears A-line hemlines which is the total opposite to Joan's curve hugging dresses in both solids and prints. Betty's then husband Don Draper is very traditional. Out of all of the female characters Betty's style is the one that has changed the least. Betty also cinches in her waistline with sashes and dainty chains. 

Another classic feature of her Grace Kelly lookalike is that they bore wear petticoats to make the skirts fuller.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, I haven't done one of these in a while.

Lottie x

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