Tuesday, 27 November 2018

November Playlist

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, no matter how you are spending it! I have been listening a lot to the Beatles again, some tunes that I haven't really heard before and others which I have played on my record player a thousand times but this got me thinking, why not do a playlist and show you all the music I have been listening too. I listen to music every single day, whether thats going to work, coming home, on a weekend, you name it I always have music on. I guess you could say its my happy place and this is why I came up with the idea of creating a playlist of my favourite songs that I have been loving this month.

The first song I came across is called April in Paris by Dean Martin. I love Dean Martin and I just happened to click on it and all of a sudden I could hear my Grandad's voice and it just sounded like he used to sing. Af first, it made me cry and I couldn't listen to it and I have just downloaded it and I love it. It brings happy tears. If you love old songs then you will definitely love this one. 

April in Paris,
Chestnuts in blossom,

Holiday tables,

Under the trees.

April in Paris,
This is a feeling,

No one can ever reprise.

Next up is a Beatles song which I didnt know exsisted until I started playing the Yellow Submarine vinyl and heard the song 'Hey Bulldog' and now cannot stop listening to it. Infact the entire vinyl has some amazing songs on. I love all The Beatles albums, some people have their favourites but I find them all unique in their own way. The SGT Pepper Album has a special place in my heart as that the first Beatles Album I bought on CD.

Another song which I have been loving is Killer Queen by the one and only Queen of course and Somebody To Love. I can just listen to these songs all over again.

Lottie x


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