Thursday, 15 November 2018

Reflecting On November

Hello November, where have you come from? I honestly think this year has gone so fast and now we have nearly half way through November. This is a rather scary thought that Christmas is just round the corner and everywhere you go now it is all about Christmas. I do love this time of the year and it is great when your little and you get excited about Father Christmas coming down the chimey bringing you lots of presents, it honestly is such an exciting time for children and I had such a fabulous time growing up and waking up on Christnas Day wondering what Father Christmas had got me and my sister. Happy memories which will stay with me forever but now its nice to enjoy being with your family and friends and thinking of those people who perhaps aren't with us anymore such as my Grandma and Grandad. They both used to loved Christmas and it is upsetting to think they won't be with us but I know they will be there having a whisky and sherry just like they used too wishing they were with us and sending us love as always. Anyway enough about Christmas for now, I wanted to chat about November so far and how it is going so here we go. 

Novemember so far is going okay, work is work and at the moment everyone is leaving. Bex has gone and has just moved to London to start her new life down there which is very exciting and so happy for her. I hopefully will get to see her when she is all settled in!! Fingers crossed. The thing about working at a doctors surgery is you need staff and if you don't have staff you cannot fully give your patients a service that they need especially when your a student practice. Enough about that but lets hope soon we get more staff, not sure when but lets keep those fingers crossed shall we!

I must say the blog has been doing really well recently and you lovely people seem to be enjoying the posts and that is wonderful to hear and makes me very happy. I enjoy looking back at old content and seeing what I can improve on and make changes. I also just like looking back at what has been going on. This is one of the reasons why I created Lottie's Lott and why nearly 4 years later why I still enjoy what I do even more.

Lottie x

Just because, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody was incredible and now I am obessed with these men.


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