Sunday, 16 December 2018

Glitz And Glamour

Well hello you lovely lot. I am currently writing this blog post on a cold, chilly Sunday afternoon. I have been watching The Haunting of Hill House and it is terrifying to say the least. I honestly do not know why I am watching it, let alone on my own. I hate scary things and this is genuially why I never plucked up the courage to watch it when it came out at Halloween but I am on epsiode 3 at the moment and find it rather intriguing that I have to keep watching it. 

I am feeling very festive right now as you can probably tell by seeing me stood by my Christmas Tree. Every year we always get a real tree, there is something about a feel tree that just makes Christmas so much more exciting. We bought our tree at the beginning of December but have had it outside for about 2 weeks but this weekend it was time to put it up. We usually put our tree up round about the weekend of the 15th December. It took us all afternoon to do it, I must say this tree is probably the best one we have ever had. Just look at how big it is, it is so busy and very tall. Good job we have plenty of decorations right? haha I think we are getting a few more as there is a couple of branches that just look a bit lonely. 

Our Christas Decorations range from ones that we have had since we were babies, both Fiona and I have a stocking decoration from our Great Grandma Millie who wrote our names on it when we were born and have always had them on our Christmas Tree. She also knitted us two Father Christmas's and an Angel too which we also had from when we were babies and of course always goes on the tree.

This year we decided to just have white lights on the tree this year, we usually put coloured lights but we wanted a bit of a change. I think you could say it looks very Glitz and Glamour if I do say so myself!

Lottie x


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