Monday, 31 December 2018

Hopes And Dreams For 2019

I have never been a fan of setting  myself New Year Resolutions, I think if you want to achieve something you can do it in your own time rather than setting yoirself targets on what you want to do.

I like to set myself goals or this year hopes and dreams of things I want to achieve/improve as I soon to begin my twenty seventh year on this planet. Twenty Seven? How scary is that. How did I get so old and how fast has the years gone by.

So I start with number 1, as a part time blogger I would love to be able to work with more brands. I had the most pleasure working with Soph from Bamble Vintage and SkinKissed. I was over the moon and really would like to work with a variety of brands. 

Number 2, I would love to find the perfect layout for my blog or perhaps work with someone to create it as I would like something more personal to add to my little space on the internet.

Number 3, Invest in a good camera so I can take flatlays and blog/instagram photos.

4. Finish off my bedroom.

5, Start thinking about my career and what I want to achieve.

5, Pluck up the coverage and get started on the best dating apps.

6, Having a better circle of friends.

7, Finally having a boyfriend.

8, Moving out

9, To start a YouTube Channel.

I also want to do more traveling and would love to have a better following on Instagram and perhaps meet more bloggers/influncers.

What are your goals for 2019?

Lottie x


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