Monday, 3 December 2018

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Hello you wonderful lot! As I write this post my work girly is on her travels to Barbedos with her husband. It's their honeymoon.. how exciting! Cannot wait to see her, I miss her a lot. She knows who she is.. BM. Anyway whilst that is going on, back in York, back where its Christmas I have been thinking about Christmassy blogmas posts to do and have a few in mind. I love this month and if you saw my recent post 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' well then you will know all my Christmas treats as a child. I honestly had the best Christmas growing up. But in today's post I wanted to share a a few Christmas Traditions that my family used to do when I was little and this is why one day I want to carry them on when I have children of my own (I hope). 

On Christmas Eve, my sister and I would always watch films together and always ended up watching The Borrowers. Dad would be preparing the turkey and veg for the following day. I remember one Christmas Eve, I think we were about 10/11 year old mum brought us some Christmas pyjamas, mine had polar bears on them and I loved them. I cannot remember Fiona's but that was probably one of the first Christmas's when we went to sleep with Chrismas pyjamas on. We would go to bed and leave our Christmas sacks at the bottom of our beds and would wake up in the morning and see our sacks filled with presents and dad would have to carry them downstairs and under the tree would be filled with presents. 

On Christmas Day dad would have a big binbag and would spend his morning putting the wrapping paper in the bag,, haha he still does that now. I think he still loves it. We have always had Christmas at home, well we have been to the pub a couple of times but that was just the four of us and we were really little as I remember we brought a toy with us. Nowadays we have Christmas at home and my grandparents come round which is nice. I prefer Christmas at home, once you have had your Christmas lunch we just watch films and usually Toy Story is on. 

Boxing Day was filled with happy memories as a child as we would have both sets of grandparents round and Fiona and I would put on a little show. I remember one year Fiona got some cheer leading red pompoms and we did a little routine with them. Mum would put some food on and we would have a chilled day playing games, with our toys and just having a wonderful time. Now, as my mums parents aren't here anymore they are happy memories. I must say my grandma and grandad loved Christmas, Grandma Betty would be having a sherry and Grandad Tenny would be drinking whisky. 

Lottie x


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