Friday, 17 May 2019

My Favourite Old Hollywood Couple

(Disclaimer: All photo's above sourced from Tumblr)

Dearest Old Hollywood fans, today is your day. Today is all about glitz and glamour from the most perfect icon in the world, her name is Lauren Bacall and if you have been following my blog and my Instagram for a while you will know that I absolutely adore Lauren and think she is such (in the words of my late Grandma Betty) a glamour girl. She is such a inspiration and I found the most amazing photos (see above) and I am in love with them. Their style is everything and I wanted to bring them back on here and I also want to also get back into the 1950's posts as that what Lottie's Lott was all about and that is what got me into blogging. 

Lottie x


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The Chatty Lifestyle Post From 2015!

I'm absolutely loving having this week off, don't get me wrong it feels weird not being at work because its the first holiday I've had since starting my new job 6 months ago! Its really nice though to have some time to myself and to enjoy being off with my mum. It is half term in the UK at the moment so all the schools are off which is brilliant because town is full of people. That is the only part that I hate about it and of course there are tourists everywhere in York. To be fair I don't blame them but you just can't get anywhere! So yesterday when my #MondayMotivation Post went live last night I thought do you know what I'm going to try and blog as much as I possibly can this week. I only realised just now (whilst writing this post) that this is my 71st blog post. How did this happen? I have no idea but somehow I've managed to do 11 posts since my 60th which for me was a big deal, well saying that so was 50. What am I like?! Anyway, this post is going to be a chatty one as I feel I have not really done one of these posts in absolutely ages and I'm so in the mood too. I also just got back from the gym and had the best workout and breakfast earlier! Me at the gym? Really? Yes I really like it, I've only been a few times but love it. I've never wanted to go the gym before purely because I just felt self conscious about myself working out. I don't really know why I think its because (and I'm guessing here) I'm tall and slim and don't get me wrong I love being tall and slim but sometimes I feel a bit self conscious about being at a gym and getting fit when I don't need to loose weight or anything but just being healthy, getting the exercise that my body needs and having a toned stomach or at least trying too! To be fair I actually see so many people with the same body build as myself so it definitely makes me feel 10 times better and now I really aren't bothered. It does not matter what body you have, everyone can go the gym for different reasons! 

Here is a picture of my Blueberry Pancakes that I had at David Lloyd Gym earlier for breakfast! It was delicious and was so ready for it too!

It makes you feel so much better after ordering something like this when you know you've done some exercise! I ate it all of course and I thoroughly enjoyed it after having a lovely latte with it. It was such a great start to my morning!

It must be such a great thing to be able to start your day off by doing exercise even if that is just getting up for a run or going to the gym. So many people these days will go the gym and then go off to work. I don't know how you could do that unless you worked in an office. I just would not be able too I don't think! I suppose if your body is used to that then why not?!

Have any of you got Pinterest? That is a silly question because I bet the majority of you have it.
I know so many people especially bloggers that have it and its such a great way to get inspired by anything. Well I had got it a couple of years ago and thought it was amazing and used to 'pin' pictures everyday and then all of a sudden I stopped using it and deleted my account. Yesterday I was having a bit of a 'non Instagram day' I just could not seem to find anything that made me think 'wow I want to post you onto my feed' I was chatting to one of my followers and she mentioned about Pinterest so I ended up reactivating my old account and started using it again. I found the best photos and I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.

Two Friends Stars Matt Le Blanc and Jennifer Aniston, I just loved how young they both looked back when they started filming friends and the picture at the bottom, such a beautiful pair of shoes. I also love how cute the socks look too! The modern vintage twist. Pinterest is such a great app, its free too so it doesn't cost you a thing and its so easy to use too! You can get any sort of pictures on there, if you have not got it I recommend that you check it out! Its great to post pictures on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

I hope you all having a lovely week whether your working, on holiday like myself or enjoying the half term holidays. I hope you enjoyed this chatty post, I just was in the mood to sit down and type, it also helped because I went to the gym today. I'm planning on going on Thursday too.

Blog Lovin' as you probably know is an app that you can download free where you can follow your favourite blogs and you get notified when someone who your following uploads a new blog post.
Its actually such a great idea! I think all bloggers seem to have it like myself!

Lottie x


Blackbirds Singing At The Day Of Night

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time off the day you are reading this. You catch me on a Saturday afternoon as I write this blog post laying on my bed as I tend to do whenever I write posts and have my window open in my room all I can hear is the birds. It really is a peaceful thing when your writing or just want a little bit of peace and quiet. My alarm went off at 6am this morning as I got ready to head to the gym, it didn't take me that long to get ready as I was just off swimming and I always get my bag ready the night before. Infact it is the best way to be when you have to get up so earlyy, bareing in mind I had 30 mins to quickly pop some clothes on, put my swimming costume on, grab my shoes and jacket and I was off. Some of you may think why do I go to the gym/swim so early well one its very quiet and two if you leave it any later by 9am families arrive and you cannot move. After swimming, I headed into town and was looking around in TK MAXX to see if I could see any Converse shoes. I sadly could not and then my mum (bless her heart) came up with the greatest idea about going to Office Shoes which we did and I came away with the most beautiful pair of white leather all star high top converse *insert love heart emoji here*. As you can imagine I am over the moon and honestly cannot wait to start wearing them.

I have been loving changing up my photo's recently especially outfit pictures. Currently I am using the hujifilm app and with that I created these two photo's below. I just want to say the little cute book I'm holding called 'Grow old with me' belonged to my Grandma, she kept it in her bedroom and I have it in my room now. It had such lovely quotes inside. This jumper, is perfect for this kind of weather and I adore it and have been wearing it a lot. I bought from & Other Stories last Spring and it is a definite inbetween kind of jumper.

Lottie x


Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Pizza Party Sunday Night

Hello lovelies, I hope you have had the most wonderful May Bank Holiday weekend whether you were working or spending it with the people who you loved. I love bank holidays it feels amazing just to be off for an extra day and who wouldn't want it any other way when it is a Monday!! Saying that today has been great, it felt like a Sunday and it was a really nice chilled day. I ended up heading to Designer Outlet to swap some walking boots I had bought on Saturday and to cut a long story short I got my money back and found another pair at Go Outdoors.  I was pretty pleased that I had managed ro get myself another pair for Scotland.

Both of these photo's above were taken today when the weather was chilly but bareable and I decided to wear this gorgeous dusty pink blouse with ruffles on the collar and sleeves and lots and lots of lace! My dream look and perfect just to wear with jeans or even a skirt/smart trousers if you are going for that kind of vibe. I must say the blouse I bought was well and truly a bargain !! all thanks to the Zara January sale. I honestly felt so Spring like and had such a great morning getting ready, I could wear nice eyeshadow, I had my highlight on and I wore a really nice creamy blush. Can i just to say when I took this photo I used to my Huji app which is why my hair looks so dark (I promise it isn't).

I then had one of those moments where I had to change as it became freezing and honestly felt like Winter *insert sad face* and I was not very impressed but then felt all snuggly in my jumper.

I love this jumper, it is a typical Winter jumper and perfect for those cold nights in December but did I think I would be wearing it in May I certainly did not. I am a huge lover of & Other Stories and they just seem to know how to reach my heart with their clothing!

 Recently at the gym I've been having a lot of red onions, random I know but this came about when I started going to the gym just over a year ago and noticed how much they use red onions and how whenever I ordered food it was always in them. Now I love them and on Sunday, we went to Pizza Express for tea, it was lovely and I had the bruchetta and this lovely pizza with olives, capers and of course those red onions. YUMMY it was! I like to call it Pizza Party Sunday Night.

Lottie x


Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Reflecting On April

We are finally back with a reflecting on the month post. It has been a couple of months since I have done one of these. I felt like I needing a little break with these kind of posts but now it is back and I am so so excited. I honestly cannot believe that April is nearly over, can someone please tell me how is it May tomorrow. 2019 is going so fast but hello nice weather, I miss you and please can you bring back the Easter sunshine because I had the most amazing Easter when the sunshine came out to say hello and everyone was pretty much wearing summer clothes. I honestly made the most of it and the only thing I hate about bank holidays is when you get back to work, it is ridiciously busy and its been like that for over a week now. All I keep thinking about is how can so many people want doctors appointments but it really does surprise you when you start working at GP surgery. 

I also wanted to say that this month was pretty exciting as I got a couple of make up products sent from Glossier to add to my collection and it was the most amazing thing and I honestly had the biggest smile on my face. You may have a photo on my Instagram that I posted and I did mention it in a previous blog post aswell. I am also trying to cut down on buying makeup purely because I have too much and I don't need to keep trying different things out all the time and also it is time to pay for my holiday and I would rather spend it on buying holiday things too. At the moment I am really love Milk Makeup which you can buy on Cult Beauty if you're from the UK like me. I also am into Charlotte Tilbury aswell, I love her products but oh my they are pricey but I have my eyes on a glowy foundation that she does that would be ideal for the Summer. 

One thing I really wanted to mention is exercise and by that I mean swimming. I have been loving going swimming recently especially at the moment as the outdoor pool is open and the weather has been lovely. It also is a change then going to the gym all the time too plus I love going in the steamroom too

I hope you all had a good month too!
Lottie x


Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A Spot Of Spring Inspiration I STYLE INSPIRATION

I love searching for inspiration, it does not matter what kind of inspiration it is. I'm always in the mood for it. One of the greatest things about social media is being able to sit on your phone/laptop and have a look at things that inspire you, things that you love. It can be anything from fashion, beauty, lifstyle, decor, food you name it you have the ability to do it all thanks to the internet. It can give you such great joy and happiness when you come across images like the ones I have stumbled on (all thanks to Tumblr). Kate Moss is one of my favourite icons/models in the world and I love both photos and actually I have not seen either of them before so I had to include them in this blog post.

These images above pretty much represent my style and one of my pleasures in life my beloved record player. I never knew how much enjoyment it would bring to me, I have at least over 200 vinyls in the space of 4 years baring in mind some were my mums, and a couple from my grandma and grandad and the rest that I bought myself. Music sounds so much better on vinyl and yes even though I listen to music online it just doesn't give the same sort of effect and the feeling of having an album in your hand is a whole different story. Everyone needs a record player in their life and I would love to have a room dedicated to my vinyls one day bascially like Harvey Spector in the USA series Suits. 

Lottie x


Sunday, 21 April 2019

The Perfect Easter Weekend

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are having the most amazing Easter ever. I am loving this long bank holiday weekend. Although as I write this there is only one day left but oh my gosh hasn't the weather just been incredible which got excited about doing a lovely long post about my Easter weekend. 

It all started with Friday and it wasn't just an already Friday, it was Good Friday. I spent the day with my sister which was lovely and we went to Partisan for breakfast in York. We got there just before 10am as we knew it would be busy and we got ourselves a lovely table by a vintage mirror it was perfect. We both had breakfast's, Fiona's was Gluten Free but looked amazing.

After breakfast we made up with our parents in town and then headed to a quirky cafe down by the river called Dyls. It was super and of course I could not help myself and take some photo's of the decor.

When I got back from town with my sister I was trying out my new Vinylic lip shades that Glossier Play kindly send me! I was over the moon when they send me a DM on Instagram. I love Glossier as a brand and what it's about so I couldn't believe it. If you are into natural make up and like skincare you will love them. 

Yesterday we went walking in the Dales and it was great. Just like the old days and I loved being back in the countryside feeling 12 years old running down the hills in the middle of the field. It was so hot and when we got home I was trying to have a look in my drawers for some shorts and then I found my favourite pair. I bought these from Topshop last year (they probably have some similar) but I really love these ones.

Today (Easter Sunday) we had my grandparents round for Sunday dinner and had a lovely time sitting out in the sunshine. My mum also made this meringue which was so delicious.

And last but not least today's outfit, this look was finished off by my Grandad's hat. He loved it and why he passed away I asked my Grandma if I could have it. He would be so proud, I got so many coments today about it. 

Lottie x

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