Thursday, 14 February 2019

4 Years Blogging #ValentinesDay

Today is an exciting day in the world of the internet as four years ago on this Valentines Day way back in 2015 I plucked up the courage and created my little space online and Lottie's Lott was born. I never felt so scared in my life as it was real but I was excited to see what was going to happen. I couldn't wait to start to create content that I loved and my instagram was just getting revamped with everything vintage, so it was the perfect opportunity. I remember writing my first ever blog post wondering what an earth I was doing, with barely anything on it just a lot of images of Marilyn and Audrey. That was what I loved and still do but since then I found so many other stars that I adore, Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth. The list goes on and over the last couple of years my blog has gone through a new lease of life all thanks to Pipdig. I must say that was the best decision I made and I wouldn't ever go back. I found two amazing blog layouts which I loved and honestly made Lottie's Lott 10 times better than what it ever did! Speaking of revamping, I have recently made a few little changes to the font on my blog and I am very pleased with it. It has made such a difference and added a little extra boost to Lottie's Lott and the perfect way to start the New Year!

It has taken 4 years to finally feel confident in what I post and what content I want to make. It really does take a while to get your head around it and you can loose sleep over it but once you are there it honestly is the greatest feeling. Of course it would be an amazing opportunity to collobrate with brands etc but that takes time and it is something else which comes with blogging.

As always, thank you to every single one of you that reads my blog. I am so grateful to you all. It means everything to me and I cannot thank you enough. You don't realise how amazing you are!

Here is to another year of blogging, always improving and making dreams come true.

Lottie x


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