Saturday, 16 February 2019

Self Love I Reflecting on February

Hello February, you are nearly over and what a month it has been. I must say work has got in the way of blogging these last few weeks which meant I barely wrote anything. I absolutely hate that feeling and always feel guility as that was one of the things when I began blogging I would not do. However back in 2015, I was working part time, it was very different and had lots of time to create blog posts. Now my days consist of working five days a week and the only time I get to write is after the gym on a Wednesday or a weekend. It can be hard going especially when you get home after a long day and all you want to do is watch Netflix whilst getting a bath. These last few weeks haven't been easy but I'm hoping for a better month in March where I dedicate some time to Lottie's Lott. However, February is my blogging month and that means on Thursday 14th February (Valentines Day) my blog celebrated four years! I actually wrote a blog post which you can have a little read about the fact I have been blogging siince 2015.

I didn't do an awful lot on Valentines Day purely because I was working and went to the gym after and I must say after a busy hectic day it was really nice to clear my head. However as I am writing this post it is Saturday which means I treated myself to a little shortbread biscuit with jam instead.. (yum yum) shaped as a loveheart of course. 

I then came home after looking at holidays and then decided to take a few little OOTD's with my fresh blow dried hair so it was wavy and I really liked it. 

Hope you all had a good February!

Lottie x


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