Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Sometimes It's Okay / Reflecting on March

Welcome back to another monthly update, how has March nearly finished. I honestly cannot believe how fast 2019 has gone. It only seems 5 minutes since it was my birthday in January. March has felt like winter still and I am not a fan. I really am dreaming of Spring, the thought of sunshine excites me and the fact that I can wear light jackets and trainers is the best. I also cannot wait to change my make up around, start wearing lighter foundation, changing up eyeshadows and lip colours. The trouble living in England is that you cannot rely on not having jumpers in your wardrobe so of course you have to have a few in just incase it turns nasty.

March is a month where it is everyones birthday in the family. It is honestly such an expensive time and on top that there is always Mothers Day too. It comes round so fast and I really don't know how I manage to do it but it get done. I start my month as I would do any other month, the same old thing really, work and the gym. I guess you could say work isn't so great although I keep plodding on hoping that things will improve and get better. On the plus side we are interviewing for receptionists which is a massive YES! and hoping to get a different phone system that finally works. I try to be positive as I can be, have a smile on my face despite what is going on and don't let the negatives bring me down or get in the way with what is going on. Easier said that done but someone has to try?
The other week, one of the ladies brought in some cookies from the bakery and it was the best thing ever. It honestly cheered us up and we were all set for Friday afternoon.

Blogging has lacked a little this morning *insert sad face* however I have tried to make this months blog as exciting as I can and I hope you have enjoyed them. Make sure you look out for the next posts coming to Lottie's Lott very soon.

Putting yourself on social media can be so daunting and especially now that Instagram has taken over the world. Sometimes you need to need a break from it all as it can get very overwhelming and you have to take a step back and remember you are not everyone else and you shouldn't be comparing yourself to other people. I advise anyone who is a blogger, influncer etc who does use social media daily to take a break and just don't look at your phone for a day as something so small like that can honestly make a huge difference. I have definitely had to that and it really does make you worship life in a totally different way. YES YES YES to that.. everyone has to do it sometimes, we are human and there is nothing wrong in being human.

How has your month been? How is 2019 going? Leave a comment below as I would love to know.

Lottie x


Saturday, 16 March 2019

The Past Week On Film

Hello lovelies, today this post comes from a rainy Saturday in March but it's okay because I am happy to be inside now and feeling cosy as it's pouring down outside. What awful weather we have had in York and honestly I am dreaming of Spring and some sunshine. All the flowers are out and that does make me happy and I truly believe it brings out the best people in people (well it tries). I always feel better when I can see pretty flowers and the sun, don't you? I feel so much better in myself and I really love this time of the year. This week I have collected a wide variety of photos on film and it made me think that I wanted to create a blog post regarding it. I also realised how I haven't done one of those posts before (well I don't think so) and I like creating new content. Also these kind of posts really do come from the heart and I always think this when I read other people's blog posts or watch videos. I must say it is a real mixed bunch of photographs and I hope you enjoy looking over them.

I really don't think this picture does any justice of my nails but I am truly in love with these nails. I had them done today and I am so happy with them, they look fabulous and I love the crome glitter over the top.

I tried a new topping on my Greek yoghurt at the gym this morning and it was lovely. They have a new food menu so I was very excited to try it out. It was also my mum's birthday on Wednesday and we went for a curry after work. We had such a lovely evening and here are a  couple of photo's of all of us together.

Last but not least I have been cutting back this month on buying makeup and have been saving it for my holiday in August. Also I'm getting my hair done next weekend and I cannot wait but it is so expensive when you get your hair highlighted and cut so I really have had to save my pennies. I've also been taking a few little outfit photos and decided to take some showing my hair in different styles which I hope you like as I have never really done that before. I guess I just fancied a change.

Lottie x


Sunday, 10 March 2019

The Catch Up Edit

I have been excited to sit down and write  this post, infact I have been meaning to do it but here we are. One of the reasons why I love to blog is to do monthly updates on the things I have been posting or the things that I have been loving whether thats my outfits or just generally vintage inspiration. Today's post consists of a mixture of idols and my own fashion content which I wanted to share with you. I post rather a lot on my instagram and because of that it is nice to do these kind of posts to be able to look back on.

I begin with a outfit of the day taken a couple of weeks ago when the sun was out and it felt like Spring. It was a Saturday, I was Leeds and Alice was doing my nails for me. If you didn't know I get them done at John Lewis and they have a huge beauty/spa floor which is amazing and honestly one of the best things about the John Lewis store in Leeds. It is literally a girls dream. I went for a pale yellow colour with bits of glitter and I was a very happy Lottie.

I honestly feel like this post is going to be filled with my favourite things as the last couple of weekends I have brunching on a Saturday and it has been the best. So, last weekend myself and Aurelia tried Partisan in York as one of the doctors recommended it so we thought why not. The place itself is situated along Micklegate street and when you walk past it has the most retro vibes. The cute little table outside and when you walk in its filled with the most amazing cakes you ever did. It also does gluten free and vegan cakes too so you really cannot go wrong. Aurelia and I both had the same french toast with eggy and cream Bricoche slices with a seasonal compote, warm fresh fruit, honey and mascarpone with maple syrup and sugar. It was very tasty but there wasn't a lot there and so because we were both still hungry we shared a cinnamon bun together and oh my that was good! Both of us love Brew & Brownie and had french toast there and you get so much more.

Yesterday, I went to Brew and Brownie with my sister for breakfast had such a lovely time. We arrived and didn't have a long time to wait because we were wet through and cold and needed some hot food and coffee. I opted for the American pancakes with the fruit compot and because Fiona is now gluten free she had a breakfast with eggs, gluten free toast, sausages, beans and mushrooms (even though she hates them and forgot to not order them).

This what I wore yesterday without the sunglasses even though the sun came out later on which I was gutted about but then when I got home, I got changed and put something a little bit warmer and comfier on.

Last but not least I came across two of my favourite photos of Marianne Faithfull and David Bowie (both found on Tumblr) just looking amazing and David Bowie's outfit is just a dream with his hair of course.

Lottie x


Sunday, 3 March 2019

Reflecting on February

Hello you beautiful people, hope you all had a good February. I don't about you but it went so fast and honestly cannot believe we are in March. My month wasn't too bad, minus the chaos at work but what do you expect when you work in the NHS. Anyway despite that the team is great and love the people I work with, we even got ourselves a new GP who has been with us just over a month who is great and we have also had some really nice locum doctors too. The past week has just been half term and honestly was a tough old week but we managed/copied and the greatest thing that happened on Friday was when Helen showed up with some delicious cookie's from Cooplands and let me tell you they were truly the best thing ever. Here is Scarlett showing off hers..

Apart from work I have been trying to go the gym more, I have missed a couple of sessions recently due to getting my nails done and staying later at work but its okay I have made the time up. I had planned to sort out this blog post last weekend as the sunshine was GLORIOUS and I had bought myself a new pair of sunglasses from &OtherStories which I am obsessed with.

I am hands down in love with this dusty pink pinafore and I honestly cannot stop wearing it. I had my nails done last weekend all thanks to my nail/brown queen Alice. She is fabulous and also come out with the best glittery nails ever. You guys need to head to John Lewis Beauty in Leeds and go and see! So this time I went for a light yellow as I've had a bright yellow before but really was after a lovely Spring/pastel colour and could not resist a bit of glitter.

This year I'm saving up for an Macbook as I'm now ready for a new laptop and I'm also thinking about doing Instagram videos/Youtube so ideally I would prefer a Macbook but also after a good camera so I can start making good videos. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments.

Lottie x
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