Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Reflecting on March

Welcome back to another monthly update, how has March nearly finished. I honestly cannot believe how fast 2019 has gone. It only seems 5 minutes since it was my birthday in January. March has felt like winter still and I am not a fan. I really am dreaming of Spring, the thought of sunshine excites me and the fact that I can wear light jackets and trainers is the best. I also cannot wait to change my make up around, start wearing lighter foundation, changing up eyeshadows and lip colours. The trouble living in England is that you cannot rely on not having jumpers in your wardrobe so of course you have to have a few in just incase it turns nasty.

March is a month where it is everyones birthday in the family. It is honestly such an expensive time and on top that there is always Mothers Day too. It comes round so fast and I really don't know how I manage to do it but it get done. I start my month as I would do any other month, the same old thing really, work and the gym. I guess you could say work isn't so great although I keep plodding on hoping that things will improve and get better. On the plus side we are interviewing for receptionists which is a massive YES! and hoping to get a different phone system that finally works. I try to be positive as I can be, have a smile on my face despite what is going on and don't let the negatives bring me down or get in the way with what is going on. Easier said that done but someone has to try?
The other week, one of the ladies brought in some cookies from the bakery and it was the best thing ever. It honestly cheered us up and we were all set for Friday afternoon.

Blogging has lacked a little this morning *insert sad face* however I have tried to make this months blog as exciting as I can and I hope you have enjoyed them. Make sure you look out for the next posts coming to Lottie's Lott very soon.

Putting yourself on social media can be so daunting and especially now that Instagram has taken over the world. Sometimes you need to need a break from it all as it can get very overwhelming and you have to take a step back and remember you are not everyone else and you shouldn't be comparing yourself to other people. I advise anyone who is a blogger, influncer etc who does use social media daily to take a break and just don't look at your phone for a day as something so small like that can honestly make a huge difference. I have definitely had to that and it really does make you worship life in a totally different way. YES YES YES to that.. everyone has to do it sometimes, we are human and there is nothing wrong in being human.

How has your month been? How is 2019 going? Leave a comment below as I would love to know.

Lottie x


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