Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Reflecting On April

We are finally back with a reflecting on the month post. It has been a couple of months since I have done one of these. I felt like I needing a little break with these kind of posts but now it is back and I am so so excited. I honestly cannot believe that April is nearly over, can someone please tell me how is it May tomorrow. 2019 is going so fast but hello nice weather, I miss you and please can you bring back the Easter sunshine because I had the most amazing Easter when the sunshine came out to say hello and everyone was pretty much wearing summer clothes. I honestly made the most of it and the only thing I hate about bank holidays is when you get back to work, it is ridiciously busy and its been like that for over a week now. All I keep thinking about is how can so many people want doctors appointments but it really does surprise you when you start working at GP surgery. 

I also wanted to say that this month was pretty exciting as I got a couple of make up products sent from Glossier to add to my collection and it was the most amazing thing and I honestly had the biggest smile on my face. You may have a photo on my Instagram that I posted and I did mention it in a previous blog post aswell. I am also trying to cut down on buying makeup purely because I have too much and I don't need to keep trying different things out all the time and also it is time to pay for my holiday and I would rather spend it on buying holiday things too. At the moment I am really love Milk Makeup which you can buy on Cult Beauty if you're from the UK like me. I also am into Charlotte Tilbury aswell, I love her products but oh my they are pricey but I have my eyes on a glowy foundation that she does that would be ideal for the Summer. 

One thing I really wanted to mention is exercise and by that I mean swimming. I have been loving going swimming recently especially at the moment as the outdoor pool is open and the weather has been lovely. It also is a change then going to the gym all the time too plus I love going in the steamroom too

I hope you all had a good month too!
Lottie x


Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A Spot Of Spring Inspiration I STYLE INSPIRATION

I love searching for inspiration, it does not matter what kind of inspiration it is. I'm always in the mood for it. One of the greatest things about social media is being able to sit on your phone/laptop and have a look at things that inspire you, things that you love. It can be anything from fashion, beauty, lifstyle, decor, food you name it you have the ability to do it all thanks to the internet. It can give you such great joy and happiness when you come across images like the ones I have stumbled on (all thanks to Tumblr). Kate Moss is one of my favourite icons/models in the world and I love both photos and actually I have not seen either of them before so I had to include them in this blog post.

These images above pretty much represent my style and one of my pleasures in life my beloved record player. I never knew how much enjoyment it would bring to me, I have at least over 200 vinyls in the space of 4 years baring in mind some were my mums, and a couple from my grandma and grandad and the rest that I bought myself. Music sounds so much better on vinyl and yes even though I listen to music online it just doesn't give the same sort of effect and the feeling of having an album in your hand is a whole different story. Everyone needs a record player in their life and I would love to have a room dedicated to my vinyls one day bascially like Harvey Spector in the USA series Suits. 

Lottie x


Sunday, 21 April 2019

The Perfect Easter Weekend

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are having the most amazing Easter ever. I am loving this long bank holiday weekend. Although as I write this there is only one day left but oh my gosh hasn't the weather just been incredible which got excited about doing a lovely long post about my Easter weekend. 

It all started with Friday and it wasn't just an already Friday, it was Good Friday. I spent the day with my sister which was lovely and we went to Partisan for breakfast in York. We got there just before 10am as we knew it would be busy and we got ourselves a lovely table by a vintage mirror it was perfect. We both had breakfast's, Fiona's was Gluten Free but looked amazing.

After breakfast we made up with our parents in town and then headed to a quirky cafe down by the river called Dyls. It was super and of course I could not help myself and take some photo's of the decor.

When I got back from town with my sister I was trying out my new Vinylic lip shades that Glossier Play kindly send me! I was over the moon when they send me a DM on Instagram. I love Glossier as a brand and what it's about so I couldn't believe it. If you are into natural make up and like skincare you will love them. 

Yesterday we went walking in the Dales and it was great. Just like the old days and I loved being back in the countryside feeling 12 years old running down the hills in the middle of the field. It was so hot and when we got home I was trying to have a look in my drawers for some shorts and then I found my favourite pair. I bought these from Topshop last year (they probably have some similar) but I really love these ones.

Today (Easter Sunday) we had my grandparents round for Sunday dinner and had a lovely time sitting out in the sunshine. My mum also made this meringue which was so delicious.

And last but not least today's outfit, this look was finished off by my Grandad's hat. He loved it and why he passed away I asked my Grandma if I could have it. He would be so proud, I got so many coments today about it. 

Lottie x


Saturday, 13 April 2019

A Playlist For April

Happy weekend you beautiful lot! I hope you are having a fab Saturday and you are making most of the sunshine. May I say I would love it to be warmer but I guess it is April so what do we expect? I cannot believe we have just finished the second week of this month and Easter is soon to be here. I have been thinking recently about blog posts and I have been spending a lot of time just playing music on my phone and decided to do a playlist of what songs I have been listening too.

So first up is a song by Paul and Linda McCartney Ram on. I adore this song and the album itself is amazing. It is a quirky album and I have it on vinyl of course hehe, my mum actually bought it for me and I cannot stop listening to it.

From Paul to George Harrison and this song came about the other weekend when I was having breakfast in Bills with my sister and they were playing My Sweet Lord well it made me so happy to hear it and after I left I had it in my head all day and when I got home I downloaded it and I just love it. Need I say anymore? You really need to check it if you haven't already! 

This one is such a upbeat song and in one of my favourite movies Romeo and Juliet. This song makes me so happy when I hear it, it is by Candi Staton and it's called Young Hearts Run Free

Last but not least is a sad song which I came across on the Netflix series Suits. It is short but sweet and I love it. It is called Home and its sang by The Cinematic Orchestra.

There is a house build out of stone
Wooden floors, Walls and Window sills
Tables and chairs
Worn by all of the dust
This is a place where I don't feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home.
And I built a home for you

Lottie x

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Sunday, 7 April 2019

All Things Chic And Classy.. This Is Why I Love Old Hollywood.

You catch me this on a Saturday afternoon listening to a bit of Spice Girls after having such a productive morning I was in the mood to write a blog post, I was also very much aware of not blogging much in March and wanted to start April off with a bang. I am very inspired by Old Hollywood again and this got me thinking about doing a Old Hollywood post as I haven't done one in quite a while and that is what I started my blog all about.

With that in mind, I wanted to start off with one of my absolute favourite icon's Audrey Hepburn. The other day I came across these gorgeous photos of Audrey from Tumblr and for the first time it quite a long time I became obsessed with them and all of a sudden I fell in love which made me get excited about Old Hollywood Glamour like I did way back in 2015. For a moment I felt alive and I loved it, I remember saving them onto my phone and thinking to myself  'wow, I never seen these before'.

How cool does this Burger King look, the decoration on the outside is everything and that beautiful car just parked outside. Why aren't you mine.. and why can't all Burger Kings look like this!

Then we have Rita Hayworth of course.. what can I say about Rita. Well how photogenic do you have to be to look like this? She never took a bad photo.

That smile of hers is so infectious and that is why so many people loved her. She was and always will be a superstar.

Last but not least we have Ginger and Fred such an icon pair! Just look at them, they are truly wonderful.

Lottie x
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