Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Reflecting On April

We are finally back with a reflecting on the month post. It has been a couple of months since I have done one of these. I felt like I needing a little break with these kind of posts but now it is back and I am so so excited. I honestly cannot believe that April is nearly over, can someone please tell me how is it May tomorrow. 2019 is going so fast but hello nice weather, I miss you and please can you bring back the Easter sunshine because I had the most amazing Easter when the sunshine came out to say hello and everyone was pretty much wearing summer clothes. I honestly made the most of it and the only thing I hate about bank holidays is when you get back to work, it is ridiciously busy and its been like that for over a week now. All I keep thinking about is how can so many people want doctors appointments but it really does surprise you when you start working at GP surgery. 

I also wanted to say that this month was pretty exciting as I got a couple of make up products sent from Glossier to add to my collection and it was the most amazing thing and I honestly had the biggest smile on my face. You may have a photo on my Instagram that I posted and I did mention it in a previous blog post aswell. I am also trying to cut down on buying makeup purely because I have too much and I don't need to keep trying different things out all the time and also it is time to pay for my holiday and I would rather spend it on buying holiday things too. At the moment I am really love Milk Makeup which you can buy on Cult Beauty if you're from the UK like me. I also am into Charlotte Tilbury aswell, I love her products but oh my they are pricey but I have my eyes on a glowy foundation that she does that would be ideal for the Summer. 

One thing I really wanted to mention is exercise and by that I mean swimming. I have been loving going swimming recently especially at the moment as the outdoor pool is open and the weather has been lovely. It also is a change then going to the gym all the time too plus I love going in the steamroom too

I hope you all had a good month too!
Lottie x


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